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What is a leaderboard?

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In competitions like Golf, Poker, and several others, a "leaderboard" is kind of like a scoreboard. It shows who is ahead, and by how much. In Golf it would show how many strokes everyone has, and in Poker, how much money.

A Leaderboard is considered a standard 728 x 90 ad unit size .

2007-10-21 12:51:38
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How do I get on the leaderboard on NitroType?

YOU need to have a lot of people on your team

How do you change the leaderboard in roblox?

go on 'Game Objects' and get the leaderboard script.

What is Leaderboard Golf Ltd's population?

The population of Leaderboard Golf Ltd is 200.

When was Leaderboard Golf Ltd created?

Leaderboard Golf Ltd was created in 1998.

What are the release dates for Leaderboard Report - 1995?

Leaderboard Report - 1995 was released on: USA: 1995

Why am I not on this week's leaderboard when I have 900 points?

I dot know, so I ask all of you!

Why am I not on this week's leaderboard even though I have 685 points?

Maybe have something?Wah!

How do you put the leaderboard up in an obby for roblox?

The Roblox leaderboard is displayed automatically whenever there are teams in a game. You can add fields to the leaderboard such as 'points' and 'time' by using a script to put an IntValue named "leaderstats" in every player who joins the game, with IntValue objects in it with names corresponding to the names of the fields you want on the leaderboard. There are scripts on the free models you can use that make this easier to do.

How do you finish a level in littlebigplanet?

Jump on to the platform with the big screen on it at the end of the level. It will show the winner (player with most points) and rank you on the leaderboard for that level. (switches between 1 player leaderboard and up to the 4 player leaderboard depending on how many are playing the level)

How do you look at the leaderboard on Battlefield Heroes?

hold tab

What does gd mean on a football leaderboard?

goal diffrence

Will there be an ingame clan leaderboard on bfbc2?

you hold select

How do you know the number of contributions other contributors have made monthly?

The top ones will be on the leaderboard, but if you want to know about someone not on the leaderboard, you have to go to their contributions page and count them yourself.

Who developed the Leaderboard golf simulator?

Leaderboard golf simulator was crated by the Access Software company. It was originally released on the Atari and featured lead designers Bruce and Robert Carver.

Is there a leaderboard on WikiAnswers for the amount of questions answered each day?

yes, go to

How do you make people get points at your places for roblox?

When leaderboards are created they create and use a directory under Player called leaderstats. Adding a value to the leaderstats makes in appear on the leaderboard, and editing this value changes the stats on the leaderboard. To make someone get points at your place have the leaderboard script create a value for your points, then have a script modify the points for a certain player whenever you want them to score.

How do you make a leaderboard work on Roblox?

Most leaderboard scripts on Roblox work automatically. Some however, require some kind of setup. Check the script's source and description to see if there are any special instructions on how to set it up.

Why was it that when you prestige it still said i was rank 70 in your leaderboard?

You may have to give it time to load.

Does mw3 track stats?

Yep. You can go to lobby leaderboard and look up your statistics.

Does Batman Arkham City have online game play?

no, just downloadable content and a leaderboard.

What actors and actresses appeared in Leaderboard Report - 1995?

The cast of Leaderboard Report - 1995 includes: Laura Baugh as Analyst Kraig Kann as Host Mike Ritz as Host Kelly Tilghman as Host Scott Van Pelt as Host

Can you play online on arkham asylum?

You can only complete challenge maps and upload your score to the leaderboard.

What is the prize for top 10 question contributors of the month February 2010?

The prize is the glory of being on the leaderboard. :) Congratulations.

Do all your contributions clear out at the end of the month?

No, absolutely not. Your contributions are there for good. It is the leaderboard statistics that function month by month.

Is there a 'Contributor of the week' leaderboard on WikiAnswers?

No, the leaderboards are tallied per month.(See the Related question.)