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Have you checked the brake fluid? Master cylindar leaking into booster, booster leaking down brake rod, dripping on wire, wire drips on floor? Just a thought.

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What is the root of the word bluish?

Blue is the root word of bluish.

What color is bluish green?

Bluish greenBluish green can be teal or cyan...Turquoise Color is also a blue-green shade

Which planet is a bluish ball of liquid?

Jupiter is a bluish ball of liquid.

How do you use the word bluish in a sentence?

bluish means light blue

Which planets are bluish in color?

Neptune and Uranus are both bluish in color.

Which is hotter the white star or the bluish-white star?


Is bluish white an adverb?

No. Although bluish could appear to be modifying white as an adjective, bluish is an adjective and white could be a noun (a color) or adjective (colored).

What color does turquoise and purple make?

brownish, bluish colour

Why do stars have a similar bluish white color?

Stars have a similar bluish white color due to the gases that are inside of them. When you see stars that are bluish white you know that they contain a lot of hydrogen.

What is the reason why Uranus appears to be bluish green?

Uranus is bluish-green because of methane gas in the atmosphere.

What coulor is Venus?


This colour could be described as bluish green?

Teal is often described as a bluish green or a greenish blue. Torquoise

What is the color of the element zinc?

The element zinc is a bluish gray color The element zinc is a bluish gray color

What is the bluish star?

There are lots of bluish stars. We don't know which one you mean. One guess would be Rigel.

Why tip of the flame is the hottest?

because the tip of the flame of the sun has bluish white color. the bluish white color is the hottest.

The bluish poisonous gas which is a type of allotrope of oxygen?

The bluish poisonous gas which is a type of allotrope of oxygen is named "ozone".

What colour is scandium?

It is a bluish colour

Is Jupiter a bluish ball of liquid?


What is the meaning of the name neelima?


What is the suffix in bluish?


What color is shadic?

bluish purplish

What is the gender of a parakeet with a bluish pinkish nose?

If it has a bluish pinkish nose it is a male. It is still a baby. When it's nose it completely blue, then it is an adult.

What color is silicon?

Bluish black and shiny

Bluish white metallic element?


What is the composition and color of Uranus?

bluish green