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What is a mother board?


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A motherboard is basically a brain of the computer. It controls everything your computer does, it's controls your RAM, HDD, etc. The HP I'm on right now uses a AMD Athlon X2 motherboard. - Actually, the brain of the computer is the CPU (Control Processing Unit). The motherboard, holds the CPU and other components that combine to form a computer.

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Well, a mother board is a circuit board of a microcomputer

there are 3 devices are there in compurer mother board

what do a mother baord do

The Father Board! The Father Board!

Main Board or System Board

Main Board or System Board

Ports on the mother board.

Computers have many components inside. The main component is the mother board. This is a large pieces with printed circuitry on the board.

The main board and system board

is the main printed circuit board (PCB)

Coz they have mother "mother board"

No... The main circuit board in a computer is referred to as the mother-board. The microprocessor is one chip on the mother-board, and is often referred to as the 'brains' of the computer.

MotherboardIts called the Mother Board.

Information travels between components on the mother board through the bus.

You need to know the Chipset of your board

AT mother board is having an SMPS of mechanical swtich, where as the ATX/Microatx, mother board has an SMPS with DC switch (automatic). FOXTROT!

The 'Mother board' is the main circuit board of the system unit. ROM is 'Read Only Memory'. One of these memory chips may be soldered directly to the mother board.

mother is the main circuit board of the computer on which all the hardware devices are connected to the supply while circuit board is the circuit which a particular device use and is connected to motherboard

I am using Intel D945GCNL Mother board. I recently purchased 500 SEAGATE BARACCUDA SATA Hard Disk. But on the mother board SATA ports are not available. Now, what shall I do? Is there any intermediary cable to connect mother board? Please all me on +91 8892238683. thank you.

Yes, you get it from your Mother (board).

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