What is a napped fabric?

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A napped fabric is a fabric with a "nap", that is, a fabric with a textured surface that looks different depending on how it is viewed or positioned. Faux furs, velour, velvet, suedes (real and synthetics), and some fleeces have a nap. Determining nap is important if you are cutting out a pattern. It is usually easy to determine nap by stroking the lengthwise and crosswise grain of the fabric in an up-and-down motion. One direction will be smooth and flat, the other rougher. The direction that makes the fabric smooth is the correct nap. If you cannot see a difference, the fabric does not have a visible nap.

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Q: What is a napped fabric?
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Why do you need extra fabric when using napped fabric?

For facing Because napped fabric can only be cut in one direction, that is, the pattern pieces look different when viewed from another direction, it must be treated like any one-way fabric. Extra fabric needs to be allowed to take this into consideration. Your sewing pattern fabric guide will always tell you how much fabric to allow for napped and one-way fabrics.

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Fleece fabric is a fabric used to make hats. * A fabric with a thick, heavy surface resembling sheep's wool. It may be a pile or napped fabric of either woven or knit construction. * Typically a brushed, knitted, polyester fabric with relatively high pile.

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Why is it important to know if your fabric is napped when purchasing the required yardage?

Fabrics such as corduroy or velvet are napped. The color will look different when turned in different directions. You have to be able to lay all pattern pieces going the same direction or your garment will look as though it were made of different fabrics.

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