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A person who rejects the existence of any God is an Atheist.

A person who is ignorant of the God of Abraham is a heathen.

A person who worships other Gods is a pagan.

A person who doesn't believe in god at all is called an athiest (a- without, theism-beliefs on god).

However, there are also agnostics, people who believe god MIGHT exist, but haven't reached a conclusion.

The above answer is inadequate due to the fact that it is written in only Christian terms (i.e. "heathen" and "pagan"). The question is about the belief in the concept of God in general, not the Christian interpretation. To identify a follower of any religion that worships a god (or gods) other than the God of Abraham as "pagan" is to lump a vast array of diverse beliefs into one category; basically, you're saying that to have religion, you are either Christian or "other."

The simple answer to the question is this: If you believe that there is no god, you are an athiest. If you believe in the possibility of a god but do not believe that humans are capable of knowing for sure, you are an agnostic.
If you're refering to God as the deity in Christianity, then both atheists and agnostics fit in this category.

An Atheist denies the existence of a supreme being.

An Agnostic is someone who believes that there might be a God, but this and the essential nature of things are designed to be unknown.
An atheist is the opposite of a theist.

The theist believes there is evidence for the existence of their favorite god.

The atheist does not.

It would be illogical for the atheist to "deny" the existence of something for which there is no evidence. Atheism is merely the lack of a belief.

Knowledge is absolute. Since nobody can know with absolute certainty no gods exist, everyone is agnostic. So the so-called "agnostic" has the same lack of knowledge as the atheist or theist has. It's just commonly accepted that an agnostic does not commit either way.
Atheist: The conviction that there is definitely no God.

The belief that one cannot know for sure if there really is a God.

Indifference to the subject of God, or one who can't be bothered to think about whether or not God exists.

someone who does not believe in God is not necessarily an atheist, because there are many other religions that he or she may belong to, although these generally will have a God or gods as part of their system, with the possible exception of Buddhism. But, someone who does not believe in any God or gods at all, is an atheist.
Someone who doesn't believe in gods is called an atheist.


If you don't believe in any kind of God, you are an atheist. If you believe in some kind of omnipotent deity but do not believe that man has any way of knowing the nature of this being, you are an agnostic.

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The capitalization of "God" implies the question is about the writer's Christian god. There are several answers:

  • A person who accepts that there is no god at all and sees secular causes and solutions for all knowledge and problems is generally called an atheist
  • A person who believes that there might be gods but thy have little or no impact on human life or the creation of the universe is likely a Buddhist
  • A person who has a god somewhat different from your god may be a Jew or a Moslem
  • A person who has a completely different set of gods may be a Hindu or Jain, or Zoroastrian
  • A person who sees godless in everything is a pantheist.
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An atheist is the term for a person who lacks any belief in God.

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An atheist is someone with no religion, but people can believe in different gods and goddesses other than the Christian god. Someone who doesn't believe in the Christian god is simply not a Christian, or catholic or jew.

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Q: What is a person who doesn't believe in God called?
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