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Q: What is a pool of water in a dry river called?
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Can you dry out your hair in a salt water pool?

No, the pool is wet, your hair will not dry when immersed in water or salt water.

Why did you get wet in the pool?

Because water is dry

Why is River Nile called the blood life of Egypt?

it is the only source of water in the otherwise dry sahara

What is a river that never get dry called?

"River." You only need a special word if it does sometimes dry up.

What is a dry up river bed in a desert called?

It is called a flat.

A dry river channel in the desert that fills with water from a cloudburst called?

Depending upon the region it might be called an arroyo, a gulch, a wash or a wadi.

Can areas of exposed concrete on the bottom of a gunite or plaster pool be repaired with water in the pool?

No, because gunite will not dry if it is constantly being mixed with water. Drain your pool first.

Why does the nile river not dry up?

It does not dry up because the water entering the River Nile is greater than the affect of evaporation and water extraction, and the natural absorption of water into the surrounding land.

Should you drain the water when swimming pool is not in use?

No, then you have to refill it and that is a waste of water If it is an inground pool being dry will ruin the pool surface and in high water table areas the risk of turning it into a boat is very real.

To survive in the dry land in northern china called the?

in is call the huang river

How do you get the last bit of water out of your above ground pool?

Try a wet/dry vac

Why is dry tortugas called dry?

They r called dry owing to the absence of surface fresh water on the island.

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