What is a pooper scooper?


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An object used to scoop dog/cat poop.

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scooper! Super dooper pooper scooper.

It means: Pooper Scooper/ Toilet Maid

BlooperTrooperScooperStuporParty Pooper

It depends on whos dog your scooping.

Pooper, scooper.Duper rhymes with super, as does pooper, Rupert,[name] Cooper,duperscooperstooperStupor, uber, tubor, grouper (a type of fish), pupa (the stage between catapillar and butterfly)...

This is kind of embarassing. The Pooper Scooper.

Pooper scooper. A woman in Denver makes $75,000 a year.

Use a pooper scooper to get it out if you don't want to pick it up.Ugh.

He was known to play the pooper scooper, the piano, the toilet paper roll.

pick it up with a pooper scooper and throw it in the trash can then take your trash out so it doesnt smell bad

the pooper scooper... i know it sounds stupid but I looked it up and it's true

A leash and a Pooper Scooper, so other people don't step or lay in doggy doo.

well to be hosnest i am not sure but gravity obviously keeps us pulled to the center of the earth so its the same with a pooper scooper you just scoop and as long as you keep hold of it gravity wont cause it to fall to the floor !!! so that's how i would answer this question :) i hope i have helped you find your answer :)

shes super duper nice and shes sooo funny. shes amazing and super duper pooper scooper good at soccer.

Over the years I have tried a few different pooper scooper services in Las Vegas. I have used Poop Magician pooper scoopers in las vegas for the past two years. They are by far the best. My service day is Thursday and they have never missed a day, and they even scoop on holidays and in the rain. Here are a few things I like about Poop Magician pooper scooper in Las vegas: They do an extremely good job cleaning up the dog waste. Their prices are very low, I pay $13 per week for two dogs. They are very big on being trustworthy and dependable and they walk the walk. They never miss a day. They are friendly. They wear a uniform so I can identify them.

There are quite a few different ways. Two ways are by using a pooper scooper or bags. Or if you don't have any of those available, you could use something as simple as paper towel, toilet paper, or napkins to pick it up and throw it away. You could also use your bare hands but many people find that disgusting. Plus it is very unsanitary. i find pooper scooper to be the best way.

It depends what substrate you're using - but if you don't want to physically pick up any waste - use a 'pooper scooper' !

When a cat poops it's meow mix into the pie monkey squirrel, then you will have to use a pooper scooper so that the evil yungmai don't eat your fart fobbits.

Farts are called farts because in 1801, my great great great grandfather, Pooper Scooper, started calling them farts and it caught on. People started using the word, “fart”.

Your neighbors might be offended that you named your dog Bob, but they don't feed him, take him to the vet, or follow him around the yard with a pooper scooper. Name your dog what you want; he's your dog.

yeaaaaah! and she goes by samala scooper!

Party PooperParty pooper, super duper.Every party has a pooper.That's why we invited you!Every party has a pooper,That's why we invited you!Party pooper, party pooper,Go have your poopin' fun.Source(s):……

Get yourself a metal pooper scooper. You can find them in any larger pet store or feed store. Then purchase a kitty litter pan, plastic and use that to put your pooper scooper in. Put some diluted bleach water into the kitty litter pan, about 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. That way your pooper scooper will always be sanitary. Put the feces that you pick up into a thick bag. I use my dog food bags after they are empty. When bags are full, take them to the dump. Your pup should not have worms do please deworm your pup but would be best to take your pup and a small sample of his or her feces in a jar to the Veterinarian to be checked up. That way the Vet can check to actually see what types of parasites your pup has & give you the correct deworming medication. Also any vaccinations that are due, etc. Be sure to pick up the pup's feces once a day.

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