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A POSS Test (also known as an EEI POSS Test) is a test that many power plants in the United States use to pre-qualify applicants for selected power plant jobs, many of which are offered to applicants without college. Although a POSS Test is used to qualify applicants for "operator" positions, many applicants who are seeking office jobs, landscaping jobs, security jobs, mechanics, welders, meter readers, customer service, etc., take the POSS Test and accept operator positions JUST TO GET THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR. Then as other positions open within the company, it is usually easier to transfer to other departments....many companies hire from within.

There is a worker shortage for high paying power plant jobs because of the high number of baby boomers who are forced to retire due to old age. Because many power plant jobs can be had without a college degree and with no experience, thousands of applicants often apply. Many applicants fail the POSS Test because they never bother to study or use practice POSS Tests that can be found online.

Important tip to get hired into a power plant: Often a job opening is posted just a few days before the POSS Test is administered, and a few days of practice is not enough time to become familiar with the speed that is required to pass the test. A good tip to pass the POSS test is to be prepared BEFORE a job opening is posted.....practice for a couple of months BEFORE a job is posted, then search for job postings.

If you are very serious about getting into a power plant (which, by the way, some plant workers earn in excess of $70,000 per year), practice, practice, and practice more. Use every sample POSS test that you can find. There are hundreds of applicants who usually apply for power plant positions, but only a small percentage pass the POSS test; and those are usually the applicants who practiced and took it seriously. Getting your foot in the door to an opportunity that could lead to $70K per year is not always easy, but it is worth it for most people without a college degree, and who have never earned that much money before.

POSS is an acronym for Plant Operator Selection System, and POSS Test practice sets, or POSS test samples can be found online by doing a Google search.

Also, related information can be found by doing searches for:

"high paying jobs in (your state) with no college degree"

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Q: What is a poss test and where can you find poss test practice or poss test sample?
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