What is a preloaded GPS?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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ANSWER: "Preloaded GPS" often refers to the memory of a GPS device (either built in flash memory or a removable memory card) having maps for a given country or region. For example a North American preloaded GPS device likely has maps for Canada, USA and Mexico. It is up to the company creating the GPS device ultimately, and do a bit of research for a GPS device's choice of maps before deciding on a unit. A GPS web forum or the manufacturer's website would be excellent resources to help ensure you get what you are looking for out of your GPS purchase.

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Q: What is a preloaded GPS?
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What is a tomtom 500 gps and where can you get one?

A Tomtom 500 GPS, generally refers to a specific make of GPS navigation system--or a mini computer that has preloaded maps and is connected to satellites that can pinpoint your location.

Where can I find gps cards that are preloaded with maps of the UK?

The Garmin City Nav UK / Ireland MicroSD has preloaded maps of the UK on the card. Hope this helps!

What are some features of a Garmin Legend H handheld GPS?

This GPS has all of the same features as other Garmin handheld GPS units, but also comes preloaded with a North American base-map that provides a lot of intricate details about any given landscape.

Where can I buy the best GPS system?

If you're looking for the best vehicle GPS system, the best of the best is the Garmin Nuvi series which features light weight portability and top of the line preloaded maps of North America.

Does nexstar GPS work in Kauai HI?

GPS signal acquisition is available worldwide. The question is whether your particular unit is preloaded with map capabilities for Hawaii. Some units are only sold pre-loaded with the 48 contiguous states.

Can I purchase pre-loaded Garmin Nuvi GPS systems so I don't have to download any maps?


What are the preloaded base map coverage areas for a Magellan roadmate gps?

The preload base maps on the Magellan roadmate GPS cover 20-50 miles in area. They really are handy and are easily adjustable, so you should be able to do whatever you want with it.

Are the preloaded games for the Ds lite full versions?

There are no preloaded game on the DS Lite.

Can someone explain what a nuvi gps is?

It is a model of Garmin all in one potable navigation system. It is preloaded with points of interest, hotels, street maps, gas stations, and ATMs. You can find more information about nuvi GPS at this link;

What is the benefit of owning a Garmin GPS portable?

There are many features of the portable Garmin GPS that make it worth owning. The small sleek design is lightweight and comes with a lithium battery providing for a long life. There is a car charger adapter in case the battery runs out. The portable GPS is preloaded with 6 million points of interest, such as restaurants and hotels, and has many useful functions, such as calculator and unit converters!

How do you get to preloaded games on a graphing calculator?

If they are "preloaded" you have them already installed. Consult your manual. Go to the website of the manufacturer and ask there.

Is the Garman i3 a good or bad GPS?

I have the garman iQue. I love this gps system. Works great. They have a cradle/charger accessory for your vehicle. Screen is bright. The only downside to this unit is the battery life when not in the cradle. You could solve this with an accessory battery pack if you wanted to use the unit hunting, hiking etc. I've used this garmin for 3 years with no problems other than an occasional reset. I have the Garmin i5 which is the same as the i3 ecept the maps come preloaded. It is an excellent GPS, that I highly recommend.