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What is a program vehicle?


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2014-05-28 19:58:33
2014-05-28 19:58:33

The term "program vehicle" usually refers to a new car that has been used for test drives throughout the year that the car was released. It is essentially a slightly used car with (usually) low miles on it. Often the car dealership will still include a full warranty on these cars.

Program vehicles also include vehicles purchased from car rental agencies.

Program vehicles are used cars, usually one year old lease returns with a year's worth of mileage (15000 - 25000 miles), although there are also two and three year old program vehicles available. A new car that has been used by the dealership is called a demo or demonstrator, and still qualifies for manufacturer rebates and other incentives like special interest rates.


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You must take it to the dealer to have them program it to your vehicle.

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if u have the flashpaq for gm or ford or have the cortex u can buy an update from superchips that allows u to program more than one vehicle at a time. if u dnt do that then u can program one vehicle then if u decide to program another u must change the vehicle back to stock then use it on a different vehicle. if u have any questions u can go to FAQ or call superchips for more info.

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You need to list the Year, Make & Model of the vehicle that you want to program it with.

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i know a few mechanics and as far as they know, only an auto dealer can program keys for vehicles. you have to take the vehicle to a dealer of the same make of the vehicle.

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