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What is a semantic program?

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I would assume that it is a type program that is not fully functional yet. It would be a program that could derive meaning from a symbol and apply it to different symbol with similar meaning. For example, if the program took in the word cat, then should be able to return pictures, stories, and fact about cats.

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What is Semantic errors in c?

semantic errors are logical errors due to illogical statements in program. due to this program may terminates immediately or Enter into infintie loop

What are the examples of semantic noise?

What are the examples of semantic noise What are the examples of semantic noise

Why program which is syntactically correct but semantics incorrect?

If you make a sentence that can be understood but it doesn't relay what you meant then you have a semantic problem.

What are mistakes that cause a running program to produce incorrect results called?

Semantic errors

What is a semantic web?

The word semantic stands for the meaning of. The semantic of something is the meaning of something. The Semantic Web is a web that is able to describe things in a way that computers can understand.

What is the difference between a semantic error and logic error?

An error in the logic of a program means that the output of the program is faulty (eg the program tell you 2+2=5). An error in semantics in a program means that the program statements are not constructed properly and the usual result of this is that the program will not compile.

What is a meta assembler?

Meta-assembler is a program that accepts the syntactic and semantic description of an assembly language, and generates an assembler for that language.

What is semantic derogation?

semantic derogation is a negative connotation on a word :)

Is semantic web a fad?

make a semantic web about africa

What is Semantic Research's population?

Semantic Research's population is 42.

What are the example for semantic error?

An example of semantic error is: a+b = c.

How many pages does The Semantic Turn have?

The Semantic Turn has 349 pages.

What is the population of Semantic Web Company?

Semantic Web Company's population is 20.

When was Semantic Web Company created?

Semantic Web Company was created in 2004.

What is Semantic Web Company's population?

The population of Semantic Web Company is 2,011.

What is the ISBN of The Semantic Turn?

The ISBN of The Semantic Turn is 0-415-32220-0.

What is semantic grammar?

Semantic grammar: an engineering technique for constructing natural language understanding systems

What is the meaning of semantic?

semantic- meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text; "a petty argument about semantics"

When was Semantic Technology Institute International created?

Semantic Technology Institute International was created in 2007.

When was International Journal of Semantic Computing created?

International Journal of Semantic Computing was created in 2007.

On whose vision is the Semantic Web concept based?

On whose vision is the Semantic Web concept based?

What is the meaning of objectivty?


What is semantic?

the scientific study of the meaning of words and the development of the words Semantic is when studies are done on meaning. This is done in science.

What does semantic field mean in poetry?

what does semantic field mean please i need help my homework i due in tomorrow

What is the difference between a semantic field and a lexical field?

Semantic field is the meaning behind the words like 'oxygen' and 'catalyst' would have a semantic field of science and lexical field is just....the words i think....