What is a sentence with the word believe that a year4 can make?

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You should believe that you can do as many things as you want to do. You have to want to believe. Hear me now; believe me later! I believe my teacher.
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How many words can you make out of the word believe?

Words that can be made out are: . be . bee . belie . bevel . bile . eel . Elbe . elev . eve . evil . I . I've . lee . lei . levee . Levi . Lib . libel . lie . live . veil . vibe . vie . vile

What is a sentence using the word believable?

As a child, Margaret knew that it was important for her to sit quietly and listen to the truth in the stories that the Nuns told her, because their stories were always believable .

Can you make a sentence with the word conceited?

She was terribly conceited and that was what ended our friendship. He is much too conceited for my taste. She was so conceited that she bought fifty mirrors just to look at herself.

Make a sentence with the word 'boondocks'?

Answer 1: "He lived out in the boondocks." Answer 2: "We used to live way out in the boondocks where nobody was around; way out in the country, where there was no city for miles."

Make a sentence with the word scene?

During the third scene, the lead actor rides off into the sunset. Was there much evidence found at the crime scene? Do you know who painted that beautiful scene? As the bride and groom kissed, it looked like a scene from "Love Story." The drug scene was a big part of his teenage years, but now h ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with the word smoothly?

She practiced her lines until she could say each of them smoothly. I'm nervous about our wedding day, but I hope the day will go smoothly. The performance went smoothly and the entire band played well.

Make a sentence with the word TOPIC?

Topic means the subject of a discussion, meeting,presentation, or written document. This is an example sentenceusing the word topic : The topic of today's meeting istick-borne illnesses and how to protect yourself against them.

How do you make a sentence with the word college?

As a recent graduate of the school of hard knocks, I just want to know when college begins. Are you going to college next year? Going back to college sounds great on paper.

Make a sentence with the word unroll?

definition to unwind a rollo to open it.example the boy had tounroll the sleeping bag because he was on a camping trip and it wastime to sleep

Can you help me make sentences with my words?

Wikianswers provides many sentences under the category Example Sentences, so ask "what is a sentence for the word ____" and you will likely get an answer.

Make a sentence with the word insoluble?

The problem isn't insoluble; I'm sure we can find a solution eventually. These markers are insoluble; be careful not to get them on your clothes.

How can you make sentence with a word rushing?

The rushing water cleared all of the leaves from the street. I was rushing to get to class on time and forgot my book. Some people from the shop were rushing to help the accident victims.

Can you make a sentence of the word uneventfully?

We were expecting a huge snowstorm, but the day passed by uneventfully. She suspected that he planned a surprise party for her, but the whole weekend passed uneventfully.

Can you make a sentence with the word share?

You should always share with your friends or else they won't share with you. If we all do our share of the work, we'll finish quickly. He bought one share of the company's stock. Both drivers share some responsibility for the accident. The little girl offered to share her toys. Northern ( Full Answer )

How do you make a sentence with the word 'hurdle'?

The word 'hurdle' functions as both a noun and a verb . EXAMPLES When a runner knocked the hurdle into the next lane, anotherrunner went down. (noun) We were able to hurdle the issues that delayed the project.(verb) Her shyness was a hurdle she overcame to perform in theschool play. (noun ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with the word controlling?

Do you have trouble controlling your car on snowy, slippery roads? Her husband is quite controlling and insists on knowing where she is at all times. Kevin is a bright student, but he sometimes has trouble controlling his temper on the playground. Regular, vigorous exercise is a key to controllin ( Full Answer )

What sentence can you make with the word perpetual?

People with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) have perpetual feelings of gloom and hopelessness drifting through their consciousness from around October all the way through February or March. Abusive or just plain bad parenting is a perpetual cycle, as the children of angry, dysfunctional, or i ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with the word immobile?

The feelings the boy had for the girl were IMMOBILE, they were just too strong. The word immobile is the opposite of mobile . We had a new patio table fixed to the floor so it would be immobile . After an accident my brother was put in a cast to keep his leg immobile . She had one of those ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with the word fungi?

I can give you several sentences. . Fungi include mushrooms and mildew. . Many varieties of fungi are poisonous. . The decaying tree was covered with fungi.

Can you make a sentence with the word liverwurst?

I need to buy some more liverwurst. There is only a touch of liverwurst in the sandwich. I don't like liverwurst. Do you like liverwurst? There is no liverwurst in the store!

Make a sentence with the word admirably?

He tried admirably , but still failed the test. It was a difficult moral test, but he performed admirably at it. He worked admirably hard on those final reports, despite having a terrible stomach flu that practically chained him to the toilet. I tried not to cry, and I was doing admirably ( Full Answer )

Make a sentence with a word reclining?

"Adam spent a lot of his holiday reclining in a sun lounger" "Beth and Pete went shopping for a reclining chair" "At the care home, a lot of the residents sit in reclining chairs because they are comfortable for them" "Reclining chairs on planes allow you to sleep better"

Make sentence with the word suspect?

The suspect is currently in custody. I suspect that you have the wrong suspect in custody, which makes my line of reasoning suspect. See the Related Link listed below for more information:

How a make a sentences with the word inuit?

The inuit are one of the largest indigenous populations left in the world. Often (mistakenly) referred to as eskimos, a single inuit is actually called a inuk. . The inuit are residents of the Arctic regions, spanning Canada, Alaska and Greenland. . There are around 150,000 Inuits living in the ( Full Answer )

What sentence can you make with the word magnify?

The natural distaster only served the magnify the disconnect between the developed and undeveloped countries. . Can you magnify this, I need a closer look. . You do know how to magnify yourself don't you; would you stop bragging already.

Make a sentence the word inspired?

Martin Luther King inspired many people, both black and white, to do the right thing. . The artist was clearly inspired by Picasso's early work. . It's easy to get inspired living in the city, there's so much culture to explore.

How do you make a silly sentence with the word making?

It depends on whether you need a sentence with the word "making" in it, or a sentence that begins each word in the sentence with each letter in the word making. I'll try for both: Bob was making an upside down cake, and so he turned the oven upside down before he put it in. Mary ate kangaro ( Full Answer )