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Q: What is a sign that your gas tank is going bad?
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What would make 92 Plymouth voyager not start after running fine all day but has gas in tank it restarted after banging on gas tank?

Since you said that you had to bang on the gas tank, it might be the fuel pump is sticking, and going bad.

Why my Gas Tank Hand not working on a Chevy Impala.?

bad fuel sensor in the gas tank.

Is there supposed to be a rubber hose from the gas-tank filler tube going into the gas-tank?


1998 Ford Windstar shuts off when going uphill to the right even on a full tank of gas?

sounds Like the pickup tube in the tank is bad.

Could the sending unit in the gas tank cause the suzuki samurai to act like its running out of gas even when it has gas in it if its going bad?

No, the sending unit only tells you how much fuel is in the tank. It has nothing to do with how the vehicle runs.

How do you get bad gas out the tank of 2000 Expedition?


Losing fuel when driving on a full tank of gas it takes 1h and it will be at a quarter tank any answers?

check for a hole in gas tank. or seal on top of gas tank or hoses going and coming from tank.

What can you do to get bad gas out of tank?

Pump it out with a hand pump.

Why would your gas gauge be on quarter tank but really be empty?

The fuel sensor in the gas tank is bad and needs replaced.

What would make the gas gauge not work on a 1999 Silverado?

You may have a bad ground in that case, the ground is at the top of the gas tank or the float inside the gas tank could have sunk or got stuck. Check your wires going to and from it not have a power or ground could do it as well.

Why does my 2003 kia spectra seems to be starving for fuel going into second gear?

The fuel filter in the gas tank may be going bad. There could also be a problem with the fuel pump itself not pump enough gas.

What to do if bad gas was put in car?

get it all out empty the fuel tank put good gas in the tank and crank it until it starts

What will happen if cornmeal gets into you gas tank?

bad things

How long does it take to get bad fuel out of lines?

Depends on how you get it out. If possible the tank should be drained and the lines disconected and flushed. If you can drain or syphon the tank on a modern fuel injected car the system should circulate the bad gas back to the tank in just a minute or two when trying to start the car. REMEMBER this will not work unless the tank has new good gas in it. The amount of bad gas in the lines should not hurt the new gas as long as you have a Half tank or more of new gas.

How can you get bad gas out of your car?

Add 1 bottle of ordinary rubbing alcohol to the tank. If The Bad gas is just gas that has water in it, then the alcohol will allow the water to "burn" with the gas. == == The best way to do it is kind of a pain. Take the tank off and dump the bad gas out. While the tanks off would be a good time to flush it out too. You can use a ordinary garden hose and siphone the gas out of the tank.

What would cause Fuel gauge to flutter in 98 Chevy z-71?

bad ground connection. Also the sending unit in the gas tank could be going bad.

What causes your gas gauge to not work in a 2000 camaro?

A bad sending unit in the gas tank.

Put full tank of gas but only showes quorter tank?

Bad fuel level sensor.

What makes gas gauge on a 2004 Chevy Malibu to bounce all over while driving when you know the gas tank is full?

The sending unit in the gas tank is bad.

1991 crx fuel pump is bad?

pull the gas tank

What is in your gas tank that is making your car run bad?

Could be water.

What is the best glue to use on a plastic gas tank?

What kind of plastic gas tank. -If on a road-going vehicle, beware of insurance issues with repairing a gas tank ( to say nothing of possible fire due to gas leakage)

How does petroleum effect humans?

it gives you really bad gas but you can put the gas in your gas tank and 10 miles to the gallon

Why does my 1992 geo metro 3cly hesitates when i get down to a half tank of gas is this the fule tank or a sensor?

bad fuel pump when its full of gas the gas keeps the pump cool

Where is the fuel pump located 1996 f-150 5.0?

In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank In the gas tank