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A slender loris is a species of primate found only in Sri Lanka and India. Please see the related link below for more info.

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Does a slender loris migrate?

a slender loris does not migrate

Is slender loris a predator or prey?

a slender loris is a prey

When was Red slender loris created?

Red slender loris was created in 1758.

Where does a slender loris live?

The Slender Loris lives in Sri lanca and southern India

How long do slender loris live for?

The slender loris has a life span of 12 to 15 years.

Is a slender loris endangered?

there are 2 different species of slender loris. the first the red slender loris is endangered with deforestation and hunting major problems. the other species the Grey slender loris is listed as least concern but is threatened by habitat loss. hope this helps.

Does a slender loris have a tail?

the slender loris has hardly any tail.. length of the tail 4-7mm

What are the different types of lorises?

All I know is that there is at least two .slow loris and slender loris . IDK about the slender loris though......tee hee

What is the scientific name of the red slender loris?

The Red Slender Loris is a small, nocturnal prosimian native to the rainforests of Sri Lanka. The scientific name is Loris tardigradus.

What adaptations does a slender loris have to surive in the rainforests?

I know that they have a second thumb that helps them grasp branches and twigs. The Slender Loris happens to be tailless. I know it seems abnormal!the slender loris has really big ears and eyes

What adaptations does a slender loris have?


Is a slender loris a mammal?


What do slender loris eat?


Is a slender loris an omnivore?


What does the slender loris eat?


Can you adopted a Slender Loris?

you dont

When was the Slender loris discovered?


What is a Slender Loris's Predator?

The human is the slender Loris' main predator

How many slender loris are left?


Is a slender loris a herbivore?

yes they are carnivores

Is a slender loris a carnivore or a omnivore?


Are the slender loris in endangered species?


How many babies does a slender loris have?


What bo covering does a slender loris have?


Is the Asian slender loris a tiger?

No, the slender loris is a small, nocturnal, insect eating primate (belonging to the same group as monkeys, lemurs, and humans).