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Spinning is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a stationary bicycle.
During the class you vary your pace, pedaling as fast as you can, other times cranking up the tension and pedaling slowly from a standing position. This helps you to focus and work on your mind as well as your body.
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What is Spinning?

The process in which conversion of cotton ,polyester or any kind of textile fibres to yarn is known as spinning.

What is a class?

class is summation of data member and data types(basically known as instance variable of a class). making a class is basically an encapsulation under various access specifiers on which its object accessibility depends. these data functions can be accessed inside or outside the class with the help of ( Full Answer )

What is Spin the Bottle?

spin the bottle . The game is fun and simple.Get alot of players to sit boy girl boy girl in a circle.Or have 2 circles.one of boys and one of girls.If you have 1 circle then take turns and each person spins the bottle.when it stops the spiner and spinee[the one who spun and the person it landed ( Full Answer )

What is class?

Class is a template that defines a particular type of object. Classes contain all the features of particular set of objects. We can use the class definition to create objects of that of class type, that is, to create objects that incorporate all the features belonging to that class.

Why do you spin a football?

If your talking about NFL then We spin footballs to minimize the effect of air resistance on the ball. That makes it go further and follow a more straight path. Its got something to do with angular momentum

What is spin of electron?

Good question!. Experiments show that the electron "behaves" as if it is a spinning ball of charge. But be careful...the electron IS NOT a spinning ball of charge. Instead the concept is quantum mechanical and has no actual classical analogy.. why we r taking the spin of the electorn is +1/2 or -1 ( Full Answer )

What is the class?

There are a great many different things that could be consideredthe class. The class could be considered a group of children.

How do you get an A in class?

study a lot, take good notes, pay attention in class, put effort into all your work, never do anything at the last second (homework/projects) always do your homework

How do you spin on ice?

Hi. To be able to spin on the ice is not always simple. Firstly, you need to have a good entry (you can google this to get a good idea of what it is). If your entry is too shallow or it doesn't have enough curve it's likely you will travel or end up doing a 3-turn. Try to curve the entry as much as ( Full Answer )

How do you spin poi?

Rather than give detailed step by step instructions. I highly recommend watching beginner tutorial videos at playpoi these can also be viewed from youtube

Who are in your class?

This question is supposed to mean who are in MY class now I just did this for fun but here it goes.. Maggie(me). Yiling. Lily. Mina. Michelle. Jacqueline. Beverly. Heidi. Nikita. Jane. Megha. Sarah V.. Sarah Y.. Stacey. Yamini. Bessie. Carmel. Srileka. Isis. Vaibhav. Ashwin. ( Full Answer )

Benefits of spin class?

You Burn 500 + calories per class Tones Muscles Body Shaping Lose Inches Decrease Body Fat Stress Relief Year Round Activity Increase Energy Improve Overall Strength Increase Cardio Endurance

How many Calories burned during a 1 hour spin class?

As a female, 5'6" and 140 lbs, I burn about 700 calories in a 1 hour spin class. This number will be different for everyone since people push themselves to different limits and use different resistance levels. . I have been looking for this answer myself and the general consensus is it can be anyth ( Full Answer )

What to do in class?

This is what you have to do in class you have to followdirctions,listen to the teacher, communicate to fellow students do work on time, cooparate,remember to remember what you learned. . What you are not supposed to do in class not to talk when it is not your turn,not to laugh at others,not to do ( Full Answer )

What does the Earth Spin spins on?

the earth spins on an axis, which is carried over by conservation of angular momentum when the earth was created

Should you eat dinner before an evening spin class?

It's just better to eat dinner earlier in the day, so you can work it off throughout the rest of your day. So, yes. But it wouldn't be bad if you went home and had a little healthy snack after, to treat yourself in some way.

If the world is spinning why are you not spinning?

Very important fact, that comes up in hundreds of situations . . . . . We never feel motion. We only feel changes in motion. Example: You can read or sleep very well in a car going 70 miles an hour, as long as the car doesn't speed up, slow down, turn, or hit a rough spot. And have you ever ( Full Answer )

Do stars spin?

Stars don't spin, but they do move. While the Earth is rotating and revolving at the same time, the stars appear to move clockwise (from the northern hemisphere's point of view) and appear to move diagonally. On top of this, the stars are pure energy, which makes them move back and forth across the ( Full Answer )

Why do you not spin when earth spin?

You do. If you didn't move exactly right along with the earth, then the ground would be whizzing by under your feet, at speeds around 800 miles per hour in the central US, or 1,570 km per hour in central India. That doesn't happen, because wherever the surface of the earth goes, you go ( Full Answer )

What is wrap spinning?

Wrap spinning works on the principle of wrapping. The feed stock, generally drawn silver drafted in a five- roller drafting system. The drafted strand runs through a hallow spindle without receiving true twist. A continuous filament yarn, unwound from a bobbin on the hollow spindle is wrapped helica ( Full Answer )

How do you spin a guitar?

Make sure you have straplocks attached to prevent your guitar detatching, then simply throw it around your torso and catch it as it comes around. have fun :)

How does it spin on its axis?

It spins by...... Well the Earth is tilting to one side and it spins both around a sun and in a circle itself. The reason it never stops is because of Isac Newtons 1st Law of Motion. It is called inertia. It means that any object in motion will stay in motion until any force or friction is to come u ( Full Answer )

Earth spins in its?

Earth spins around its axis? Which is the line between the north and south pole.

How Spin -spin coupling of ethanol?

Ethanol has 3 nuclei.CH3,CH2,OH.Spin spin coupling occurs when nuclear spin of 1 nuclei is also transferred to the coupled nuclei through the bonding electrons.

How can you get out of class?

this is coming from a kid to get out of class easy if you sit beside the door or near the door than you can sneak of while the teacher is not looking but if you don't make a student ask the teacher and face the other way or ask questions like can i got to the washroom and ditch don't do these if you ( Full Answer )

Who is spin class appropriate for and why?

Spin classes are intended for anyone and everyone who wishes to get a calorie-torching workout. My thirteen year old sister and I attend class regularly and there is representation of all age groups and body types present. No two workouts are the same, being that there are numerous tools on the bike ( Full Answer )

How do you get no class?

I know it is impossible but there is a thing to make you have no class. First buy a new class in a chat server then you have to open a new tab then login in a non-chat server in the first tab equip the class and in the second server sell the class. Then logout of both tabs and close the second tab ( Full Answer )

How do you spin on woozworld?

You Can't Spin On Woozworld. . If you seen it in woozworld videos it was automade . Thank you :P

Does gym temperature for example air conditioning vs no air conditioning during spinning class affects performance or endurance?

Yes it does. if you are in a place that is very hot, you can be at risk of heat stoke!, and of course your sweating more, and be doing this your depleting your body of important electrolyte's. In turn your ability to push harder will drop, My advice, is, if its very hot, keep fluids high, maybe shor ( Full Answer )

What is a spinning planet?

All planets rotate on their axis and also revolves around the Sun, if that's what you mean.

Why does taz spin?

Keeping with the devil theme, the Tasmanian devil spins around like a dust devil and has hair like devil horns

Do snakes have spins?

Spins? I think you mean SPINE. If so, yes. Snakes do have spines. But its spine is very flexible.

Why is the spinning called the spinning jenny?

It is called the 'Spinning Jenny' because in the 1700s James Hargreaves had a daughter called Jenny and she knocked over the family spinning wheel and it gave Hargreaves the idea to make his invention. And since Jenny had knocked over the family wheel and gave him this idea, he named it after her. ( Full Answer )

Can you do spinning classes while pregnant?

It depends. If you have already been doing them for quite some time and your body is used to it, then yes, but take it a bit easier than usual. If you have not and are trying to avoid the weight gain, but not MAINTAIN the shape you are currently in, it is best not to push your limits while pregnant. ( Full Answer )

Is spin a noun?

Spin is a verb. Spin is also a noun. Noun: The aircraft went into a spin then hit the ground. Verb: Give the washing a quick spin then hang it it outside. Noun: He asked if he could take the car for a spin. Verb: Step right up, spin the wheel, win some cash!

How can get A in a class?

Show up, Pay Attention, Take notes, Do your work, and hand it in on time.

How do you spin articles?

Article spinning can be advantageous since you have the possibility to turn that same article into hundreds even thousands of unique versions which may be benefiting to you if you want to do article marketing. In fact it is the article marketing purpose that a few programers have designed different ( Full Answer )

Where can one go to take a spinning class?

To take a spinning class a person can go to their local fitness gym, see what's available and sign up. Spinning classes are popular and almost all gyms do them.

Where can one find a spin cycle class?

There are many ways one can find a spin cycle class. One can go to their local fitness center or gym and ask for a timetable. Alternatively, one can ask friends or family for tips.

Why does a spinning lawn sprinkler spin?

By the physical reaction to the jets it emits. The nozzles are onthe ends of a tubular arm arranged to rotate freely around acentral column that also carries the water to the arm. The arm endsare bent to the nozzles point sideways from it, and as the waterflows from them under pressure, the reaction ( Full Answer )