What is a summary of 'The House on Zapote Street'?

The House on Zapote Street is about Pablo Cabading the father of Lydia who murdered his family and son in law in his house on Zapote street.

The story started in after the marriage of Lydia and Leonardo. After their marriage it is decide that they will live in the house of Lydia's father as his father wishes it. Cabading, Lydia's father is a super strict person. A person who controls everything, so that's why all the member of this household were terrified by him and all his command should be obeyed. After one month living in this house. Leonardo realize that him and her wife can't communicate well as they were just a tool that eats, stand, sits and do all of Cabadings will and also why Lydia never spoke of his childhood . They couldn't even live as a husband and wife because Cabading was always between them. Until they decided to move out and finally able to escape from the house then Cabading went to Leonardo's house in Cavite and asked his parents and even put a gun on them to just get his daughter. Until Lydia went to the house because she heard that her mother was sick then she and her dad talk and finally Leonardo find out that Lydia was in that house again. He immediately went there and Cabading shot him and Lydia went over him and got shot by his dad and her mother shielded her and got shot too. So Cabading shot himself too and they all died because of Cabading's selfishness and jealousies.