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All these processes are very helpful for the purposes of dealing with an individual customer's purchases. However, when computers are linked in a network, many new uses are possible.

Now, I am going to draw a different system boundary. The components of this supermarket checkout system are the checkout terminal, the network and the database server. A database server is used to make the data in databases available to other computers on the network, and therefore to users. You met a specialised form of database server in Section 14.2: the FirstClass server. In the following sections, I'll focus on the network first and then look at the database server.

You might be wondering about the users of the system: the customer and the checkout operator. For the time being, we are focusing on the computers and network, rather than thinking about the end users.

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Q: What is a supermarket checkout system?
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What is a counter in a supermarket where customers pay?

The checkout counter in a supermarket is where customers pay.

what has nine items?

A nonet. A trolley in a supermarket ten and under checkout.

You are at rest with a grocery cart at the supermarket when you see a checkout line open?

That is correct.

How Ict used in supermarket to help customer?

The self-checkout - it saves time if you have only got a few items and you don't have to queue at the normal checkout.

What reads the bar code on items at a supermarket checkout?

A laser scanner will read each representation of the barcode it can see

What a computer can do in supermarket?

Supermarkets have computer systems for receiving payments during checkout, recording sales and keeping customer information.

What is the Scope of a supermarket management system?

what is pasword of supermarket management

Is there an age restriction on buying pregnancy tests?

no! if your too embarrsed, go to your local supermarket , buy one there and then use the self checkout!

Name a magazine you see at supermarket checkout stands?

national enquirer, time, people, star, cosmopolitan, seventeen, tv guide

Why do people using carts when shopping in a supermarket?

The rather obvious answer is - so they can pick up more shopping than if they had to carry everything to the checkout !

What are the ladies at the supermarket checkouts called?

Cashiers are what the ladies at the supermarket checkouts are called. The employees in question also may be called clerks or store clerks even though their responsibilities at the checkout points are prioritized to running the register.

What are examples of fixed cost in supermarket?

Example of fixed cost in supermarket: 1. Rental 2. Indirect labour (manager) 3. Insurance 4. Checkout register - this and other equipment is vital to the operation of the supermarket 5. Manufacturing costs such as land maintenance and transportation device maintenance.

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