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What is a suprapubic catheter?

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2008-12-04 16:08:44

A Suprapubic Catheter is a urine drainage catheter which is

inserted into the bladder so that urine can be drained out, usually

when the normal way out for the urine is blocked. Instead of being

passed up through the urethra as is usual, the supra pubic catheter

is inserted through the abdominal wall just above the pubic bone

and into the bladder. This is a minor surgical procedure and

involves giving a local anaesthetic injected around the area before

the insertion. More often, this procedure is carried out as part of

a larger surgical procedure, ie. Prostatectomy, and will be

inserted in the operating theatre when you are asleep. The medical

term for "above" is "supra" hence Suprapubic, "above the

pubic", in this case it is refering to where it is positioned. This

can be a long term solution. Hope this helps.

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