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School prank- Putting someones head in a toilet, then flushing.

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It is a type of a bullying where the bully shoves the victims head into a toilet and flushes the toilet.

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Q: What is a swirlie?
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What is a toilet swirlie?

a toilet swirly is when mainly a bully shoves some ones head in the toilet while its flushing

What is a chocolate swirlie?

It's where a bully puts a victim's head in a toilet full of crap and holds their head in and flushes

What happened in chapter 6 of The Lightning Thief?

Percy is given a tour of camp and meets his archenemy, Clarisse. He sprays her and her friends with toilet water using his powers when she tries to give him a swirlie.

What are swirrlies?

A swirlie is the unfortunate experience of having an older brother or dorm mate overpower you and push your head into the toilet bowl, then flushing it. Sorry. If someone asks if you want one, say, "No."

What is a bogwash?

Sticking someones head in the toilet, holding the victims feet above their head, then flushing it.. usually associated with hazing, pranking, bullying, or assault. Also known as: swirlie brainwashing (India) dunnyflushing (Australia)

How do you give a swirlie?

Take people's panties offand are booty in the toiletI flush it

What is a Chattanooga Gravy Bowl?

In season 1, episode 1 of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, "Last Stall on the Left," the Chattanooga Gravy Bowl is mentioned as some sort bullying method. It is not described, only mentioned, so no one knows what it is.It's a swirlie with feces in the toilet.

Will you be wedgies in locker room for tighty whiteys?

YES! every guy in there will wedgie you. Normal wedgies melvins hanging wedgies atomic wedgies you name it you'll get it if you wear tighty whities. Thats not all they will give you a swirlie and fart on your face.... Bottom line if you ever go into the football lockeroom wear some boxers

Were do i get the ballad of gales on Legend of Zelda the wind waker?

When you are sailing in the boat, and you see a Cyclone (The big swirlie thing) go near it until Cyclos (the purple frog) comes out. Take out your arrows, shoot him three times, and he then teachs you the "Ballad of Gales" for your Wind Waker. Here it is (If you forget) Down, Right, Left, Up.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 7?

The Bully: When Greg went to middle school he thought he was going to be the dead meat ,he was wrong. Greg was about to get a swirlie by Rodrick and his friends but Rodrick slipped on the wet floor and knocked himself out on the stall door. His friends tried to wake him up but he was out cold. They thought Greg was the one who made Rodrick get knocked out, so they ran away yelling school bully, over and over again. Which made Greg the bully. What will happen to Greg if everyone is scared of him. Now whenever Rodrick passes by everyone laughs at him. With Rodrick a whimp it's up to Greg to stop this whole bullying thing. Because if he doesn't his dreams are going down a black hole.

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