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What is a synonym for cilantro?

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2007-12-19 04:58:12

I cheated and looked this up on They show this as

being another name for coriander. They gave the following

information for cilantro: "1) Old World herb with aromatic leaves

and seed resembling parsley." Other names for this: coriander,

coriandrum sativum. "2) Parsley-like herb used as seasoning or

garnish." Other names: coriander, Chinese parsley. I use at least once during every Internet session. They are

very handy as my dictionary while I am doing almost anything on the

computer. When I am reading things from the Internet, I have to

look up words and people and places. When I need to know the

definition, they've got it! It's free of charge, and very handy. I

highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who uses the


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