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In the province of Québec, we say "chocolatine," as they do in the South of France. According to the Wikipedia article titled "Pain au chocolat," this chocolate pastry is known in Brussels and in the North of France as "couque au chocolat." (I believe "couque" is from the Dutch word "koek," meaning cake.) It is made of rectangular-shaped croissant dough wrapped around chocolate bars or pastilles.

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Q: What is a synonym for the french word pain au chocolat?
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How do you say chocolate in French and is it masculine or feminine?

The word is "chocolat" and it is masculine, e.g. le chocolat.

French word for chocolate?

Le chocolat (masc.)

What is the French word for chocolate cakes?

the french word for Chocolate Cakes is " Gateau Au Chocolat. "

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The French word for "chocolate" is "chocolat".

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the french word chocolat pronounced shocolla

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le chocolat (masc.)

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How to say chocolate in french: Chocolat. Notice the letter 'e' is gone from the end of the word

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Le lait chocolat. If you're saying "some chocolate milk", it's du lait chocolat.

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French chocolat German schokolade welsh siocledAnswerfrench chocolat German schokolade welsh siocledtagalog-'tsokolate' from spanish chocolate

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pain~ Damage

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This is the word for chocolate muffins i think muffins aux pepites de chocolat

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le chocolat prounounced lee- cho-cal-ate

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Biscuit aux brisures de chocolat.

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The French word pain means 'bread' in English. The English word 'pain' is translated 'douleur' (feminine noun) in French.

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well the clue is in the name the wordsouffle au chocolat is french for chocolate souffle so it must have come from France .

Is the word pain masculine or feminine in french?

It depends on what you are asking. The French word "pain" meaning bread, is masculine in French: le pain / un pain. The English word "pain", translating to "douleur" is feminine in French: la douleur / une douleur

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le chocolat is a masculine word. There is no way of turning that noun in the feminine.

What cake derives it's name from the French word for lightning?

un éclair au chocolat

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amusant, interessant

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'very' translates as très in French. A synonym for this is vraiment.

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The French word for words similar in meaning is synonyme.

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"Luh shoh-koh-lah" is the pronunciation of the French phrase le chocolat.Specifically, the masculine singular definite article lemeans "the." The masculine noun chocolat means "chocolate." The word remains the same regardless of whether the speaker refers to chocolate as an ingredient or as a dessert.