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A technical submission occurs when the referee or doctor must stop a fight due to an obvious injury to the figher or lack of consciousness of the fighter. An example would be if a bone breaks during a submission attempt, but the fighter does not actually submit.
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How do you get a submissive woman to like you?

If you really love and like her, inside and out, just show her that and tell her how you feel. If she doesn't like you as much as you like her, just respect that and keep searching for the right one.. To get a really submissive woman to like you, you must be gentle, honest, trustworthy, dependable ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome submissiveness?

be more bold... decide that you are going to be happy with the way you are... if you ask a boy/girl out and he/she says no that is ok because there are more people to love... if people make fun of you then walk away or take a day to think of come backs and use those... if your parents say you are wo ( Full Answer )

Is Bondage Submission Dominance Submission a sin in the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic Answer: Yes, it is most definitely a sin. Human beings were created in the likeness and image of God. They were created with a soul and God has raised them up above the animals to give them a dignity which no other creature, short of an angel possesses. As a creature of God created i ( Full Answer )

How do you recognize a submissive?

Answer: Sexuality is a private thing for many, but I personally, as a sub, wear a collar 24/7. You might also check for a triskelion (BDSM) tattoo or "Story of O" ring or something involving a padlock. I would suggest checking out some websites such as "collarme.com"

What does submissively mean?

Submissively means being ready and willing to submit. It is achoice, it is the willingness to not be in control.

How do you do website directory submission?

Manual directory submission is one of the best way to promote the website. Select the relevant category to submit the website is possible only at manual directory submission. Manual directory submission helps to increase the traffic.

Meaning of submissive?

I'd say it means to like taking orders from women, or being unable NOT to take

What is passive submission?

For example: In the training & selection of Police dogs in UK the German shepherd puppy will be lightly held with its back to the floor. The examiner is looking for the dog that resists this unnatural position aggressively. He needs an animal that will establish it's position with power. He does not ( Full Answer )

What is submission?

I assume you mean in Islam. In Islam it means to submit to the will of Allah, as given by Muhammad in the Quran. It means to become a Muslim. Those who are not in submission are not Muslims.. this answers is noy the same as submission rember that. the definition of submission is. the act or insta ( Full Answer )

Do men like submissive woman?

some do and some dont Only men that are mentaly ill and want to abuse women would want her to do everything they say, if that is what you mean by submissive.

What is submission wrestling?

it is wrestling where every touch must be an attempt to submit or a procedure of submitting

What does submissive mean?

The term 'submissive' has two uses: 1: abjectly submissive; characteristic of a slave or servant; 2: inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination

What does submission do?

a submission defensive move in when a person uses joint locks and chokes to defeat and harm his opponenet

What do you mean by submission?

Submission is the process of promoting the website for the targeted keyword. The SEO service provider offers the submission services like Article Submission Service, Web Site Submission Service, Press Release Services, Video Distribution Service and Social Bookmarking Service with the best affordabl ( Full Answer )

What is submissive?

Example: You have the Creator over here. You have the 'created being' over there. Should the Creator bow to the will of his 'creation'? or should the 'creation' bow to the will of the Creator? Another example: The Creator has a son who has existed alongside him millions of years. The Crea ( Full Answer )

What is blog submission?

That might mean two things: 1. If you own a blog, you can submit it to blog directories for publicity. 2. Some websites accept 'guest posts' from guest bloggers. That's also submission.

What is article submission?

Article Submission is the process of posting articles to multiple article directories. Manual article submission service is one of the best way to submitting articles in article directories.

What is IS submissive woman?

noun 1. A submissive woman is one who is born with the desire to surrender her will, mind, spirit and body -her very self- to someone she perceives as stronger, wiser, whom she is able to trust completely and who shares this inherent need. The D/s (Domination/submission) relationship can be more em ( Full Answer )

SEO submission -How to prioritize URLs for submission?

SEO submissions to search engines will not help your site get ranking. This is a very old tactic that used to work, but no longer does. The best way to get rankings is to get a link on a website from another page that already is indexed in Google and Yahoo and let them find your page. It will work m ( Full Answer )

What is prayer of submission?

a prayer where the believer submits to the ultimate reality. In other words, the believer realises the fact that there is a force greater than himself.

Can a woman bearhug a man into submission?

It is very possible if she is a strong woman. Look at Chyna when she was in the WWE I bet she could bearhug a man into submission. Or maybe a female body builder. Even regular women stand a chance.

What is the meaning of Submission in Islam?

Submission in Islam means that you make your actions (by heart, tongue or faculties) inline and in total submission to the divine guidance of Allah (God). Say, you do the things that please God and leave the things that displease Him (may his name be glorified). Thx.

How does a Muslim show submission to Allah?

They follow the 5 pillars of islam 1 Faith 2 Prayer (5 times a day) 3 Zakaat 4 Fast (the month of Ramadan, they don't eat from sunrise to sunset) 5 Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Are women submissive?

not really......but some people are. it depends on the issue where u want them to be submissive. as we know,submissiveness is all about being obedient and u can't expect a woman to always be obedient.

What is submission in horses?

Submission in horses is the act to back down or to not show dominance or aggression to one who has a higher ranking than its self. The higher ranking could be the interaction with a human (its owner) or herd leader. Submission in horses is also displayed and judge in the discipline of dressage on ( Full Answer )

How do you get your submission on the Failblog vote page?

copied from failblog.org: What will help your chances of getting on the homepage? . Make sure the fail is clearly visible . Fail factor must be universal. If it's funny to a small group of insiders, that just ain't fail enough. . Visit the Vote page everyday to look for your picture. When you ( Full Answer )

What is a submissive attitude?

if you're submissive, you do what your told with no question and can come across as being scared of the person you are being submissive to. Submissive posture is different to dominant. You would stand smaller and would probably look down /fidget a bot. Being submissive can be mis-read as being scare ( Full Answer )

What does submission mean to a Muslim?

It means surrender to Allah (God in English) and to His will and have the belief that the outcome of your work is in the hands of Allah only.

How do you do a directory submissions?

first we need a directory submission site after that we submit a site in that domain using our mail id submit our directory with respective keywords and description. Below am give a Directory submission site.

When was Submission at Alton Towers Opened?

Submission replaced Energiser in 2001 and offers an alternative white knuckle experience. Currently in the X Sector near Oblivion and Enterprise.

How do you know if you are a Submissive?

Well, the fact that you have to ask someone suggests that you are. Actually though, it can take a while for people to figure this out. A lot of submissives play the dominant role just because truly dominant people are relatively rare in most places. In general, submissive types wait for someone else ( Full Answer )

Why is submission the major theme of Islam?

according to Islam the goal of Islam is to learn human how to submit to God. in this case God will Love human and human will become like God and will find eternal life near Allah. (not physical nearness).

How does Muhammad show submission?

Koran is talking of God to human. and orders and wants of God are in Koran. submission is having the life as wants of God described in Koran.

What does submission mean in UFC?

A Submission move in the UFC refers to a hold like a Guillotine Choke or a Kimura lock where one fighter locks up his opponent in such a way that one of their body parts is compressed/stretched which causes immense pain. The person who is caught in the hold is given a chance to top out which means t ( Full Answer )

Why should women be submissive to men?

Men do all the hard work and who else will make them sandwiches? Funny... This is a complex question. When viewed in a strictly black or white context, I feel that women should NOT submit to men. Submissive behavior often leads to a buildup of resentment when your needs and wants are not met. Thi ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of a submission on WWE 12?

It depends on which system you have. I myself have it for Wii, so to break out of a submission, you hold B and rapidly press A until the red stuff on the Breaking Point meter die down.

What is Multiple Submissions?

A submission is the action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgment. Multiple submissions is doing it more than once.

What is submissive behaviour in rabbits?

A submissive rabbit will lower its head to the ground, and it will be "mounted" by the dominant rabbit. See the related link below for more info about rabbit communication and body language.

Is it good to have a submissive wife?

NO It is hard to say good or bad. All depends on ur background and ur own family values. When I just started dating my wife on dream marriage, she was very submissive because she was coming the culture where man is always in position of power, and I always try to respect her values and perspective ( Full Answer )

How does a tiger show submission?

its basically the same as cats, the tiger will lower its head and sometimes even roll onto its back showing its belly to the more dominant animal

What is a submissive male?

A submissive male is a male that rather than taking charge of asituation readily accepts commands. It is not necessarilyassociated with males.

What do submissive males do?

Submissive males usually play a subservient character to a dominantfemale partner. Such characters may include wearing gags, muzzlesand head masks while having sex.

What is the antonym of submission?

An antonym is a word with the opposite meaning, but in many cases, one word may have several similar meanings, and the opposites may be quite different. However, "submission" is a fairly straightforward term without many alternative meanings, and the antonym is equally straightforward. It is "dom ( Full Answer )