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What is a technical submission?

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A technical submission occurs when the referee or doctor must stop a fight due to an obvious injury to the figher or lack of consciousness of the fighter. An example would be if a bone breaks during a submission attempt, but the fighter does not actually submit.

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Who acorrds technical sanction?

by appropriate technical authority based on submission of drawings, designs and specifications including detailed estimates.

Who did George St Pierre loose to?

His 2 losses are to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. He lost to Hughes by submission in 2004. He had Technical Knock Out win against Hughes in 2006. He has a Technical Knock Out loss against Serra in 2007. Then he had a submission(arm lock) win against Hughes in 2007. He defeated Serra with a Technical Knock Out win in 2008.

What are the wrestling techniques?

things into which the wrestlers are best at for example if you like jumping off the turnbuckle then you are a high flyer if you like making people tap out then you are a submission specialist there are many techniques submission showman brawler powerhouse technical wrestler and high flyer

Submission in a sentence?

submission your self

How do you abbreviate the word Submission?


How do you spell submission?

Submission. you spelt it right.

Can you get a sentence using the word submission?

The submission of your paper will guarantee you a good grade.He did it because of his submission to the Führer.

What is a simple sentence for submission?

"The board has denied your submission"

What are the two steps in two step bidding in negotiation?

Step one consists of the request for, submission, evaluation, and (if necessary) discussion of a technical proposal. No pricing is involved. The objective is to determine the acceptability of the supplies or services offered. As used in this context, the word "technical" has a broad connotation and includes, among other things, the engineering approach, special manufacturing processes, and special testing techniques. It is the proper step for clarification of questions relating to technical requirements. Step two involves the submission of sealed priced bids by those who submitted acceptable technical proposals in step one. took it here

In WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 what is the difference between submission grapple and submission match?

The difference is that submission grapple is a move but submission match is where you have to use submissions tomake your opponent tap.

What is the Hebrew word for subsmission?

submissionכְּנִיעָה (k'niyá) = surrender, submission, capitulation, servility, fall, giving upהַגָשָׁה (hagashá) = submission, submitting, bringing near, drawing near, presentingהַכנָעָה (hachna'á) = submission, humility, subjugation, obeisance, subjection, capitulationנִכנָעוּת (nichna'ut) = docility, submissiveness, submissionטִעוּן (ti'un) = argument, reasoning, pleading, burdening, submissionצַיְתָנוּת (tsaitanut) = obedience, docility, duteousness, submission, submissivenessהַדבָּרָה (hadbará) = submission, degradation, destructionהִשׁתַעבְּדוּת (hishtabdut) = subjection, enslavement, submission, mortgaging, serfdom

What means submission to the will of Allah?

Islam is the word that means to submission to the will of Allah

How do you use the word submission in a sentence?

" I made him go under submission"

Is submission an adjective?

No, it is not. Submission is a noun (giving up, or a submitted form).

How do we write a Explanation letter for the late submission?

how to write late submission of documents

Sample letter for late submission of reports?

i am sorry for the delayed submission of my report

A sentence using submission?

The submission of your paper by 3:00pm today is mandatory.

What does matter taken under submission mean?

What does taken under submission mean?

What is the submission to Allah called?

The word Islam directly translates to "submission to Allah".

What is the meaning of the word Islam?

Literally, it means submission; in a religious context, it means submission to God.Submission to God.. that's the name but its a whole religon.

Is there going to be two on two submission match on smackdown vs raw 2011?

No, not submission only. But you can win by submission in normal tag team matches.

What is the opposite of the opposite of the word submission?

The opposite of the opposite of any word is the word itself. So it is submission.* The opposite of submission (giving in) would be domination. There is no real opposite for a submission (something submitted) except the lack of one.

What do you mean by submission?

Submission is the process of promoting the website for the targeted keyword. The SEO service provider offers the submission services like Article Submission Service, Web Site Submission Service, Press Release Services, Video Distribution Service and Social Bookmarking Service with the best affordable rates.

Where can one purchase search engine submission software?

One may consider purchasing engine submission software at Dynamic Submission. Engine submission software enables one to submit their online page to several engines at once.

What is the Price of gate exam form?

for online submission-800/- for offline submission-1000/-