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As a Tigon and a Liger are both crosses between a Tiger and a Lion you would expect them both to have the same diet as their parents, namely meat.

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Q: What is a tigons diet?
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What does the tigons diet consist of?

it consists of birds (certain types) pigs cattle and antelope

Are ligers better than Tigons?

Tigons are better for now

What is the name for the hybrid offspring of two big cats?

ligers or tigons ligers or tigons

Are tigons omnivores?


Who are hunting tigons?

a animal

How are tigons endangered?

Tigons and ligers are not naturally occurring animals, but are hybrids bred in captivity. Non-natural species are not classified with an endangered status.

How many tigons are there in the world?

200 (about)

What is rarer ligers or tigons?


How do tigons behave?

To gone behave wild๐Ÿ˜–

How can you protect ligers and tigons?

to give money for their food

How fast do tigons run?

45 mph

How long do tigons live?

10-15 Years.

What is a tigons scientific?

tigon doesn;t have a scientific name

Are tigons endangered?

yes not many are still alive they are severely endangered

Can lion and tiger cross breed?

Yes, they produce Ligers or Tigons

How much does a liger and tigon weigh?

tigons are much smaller than ligers, normally weighing at 160 to 180 kgs, but weights of 800 pounds in tigons have been recorded. ligers wiegh 400 to 600kgs, largest one was 800 kgs.

Are lions and tiger enemies?

Not necessarily. PROOF: Ligers and tigons DO exist. Yes, ligers and tigons exist but were bred only in captivity. They do not exist in the wild,

What do you call a baby of a lion and the tigress?

A liger. This is the largest feline. Tigons tend to be dwarfs.

How is a liger born?

Ligers and Tigons are born through the accidental mating of a lion and a tiger.

Can a lion and a tiger breed?

Yes..If the father is a lion, the cubs are ligers..If he is a tiger, they are tigons..

Are tigons real?

Yes tiger (male) mixed with a lion (female)

What cats are endangered?

Cougars, lynx, panthers, ligers, tigons, ocelots, and jaguars. I am not completely sure that these are all of them but they are a lot of them.

Is a tigon stronger than a liger?

Ligers grow bigger than tigons and would most likely be stronger

Are there different species between a lion and a tiger?

there is two cross breds between lions and tigers. they're ligers and tigons.

What offspring do tigers and lions produce?

Ligers or some people call then tigons but it's most commonly used as ligers.