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Totalitarianism is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority, and works to regulate every aspect of public and private life.
Totalitarianism emerged in the twentieth century because the means for total social control did not exist before that time. These systems moved beyond authoritarian control. They attempted to mould citizens into a certain desirable type, whether they be proletarian labourer or pure Aryan (as in the case of Stalin's Russia, and Hitlers Germany).
The use of State ideology, secret police, state controlled media, freedom of movement and a single party state are tools of a Totalitarian state.
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What is the definition of totalitarianism?

Totalitarianism: A single, dominant governing elite of all organized political, economic, social and cultural activities in a country by means of a single-party monopoly of power, including police repression, rigorous censorship of the mass media, centralized state planning and administration of th ( Full Answer )

What is a totalitarian state?

Answer . A state in which the government controls every aspect of public and private life.; Existed in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union. A totalitarian state is one in which all systems of government are controlled by a central power. A dictorship and a party will control the law cou ( Full Answer )

What is Totalitarian?

1 of the defitions of totalitarian is: of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life. Another defition is relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and ( Full Answer )

What is a totalitarian government?

Answer 1 Totalitarianism is a term employed by some political scientists,especially those in the field of comparative politics, to describemodern regimes in which the state regulates nearly every aspect ofpublic and private behavior. The most influential scholars of totalitarianism, such as KarlPo ( Full Answer )

What does totalitarianism mean?

It is a system of governance in which just one political party is allowed, and that one party totally controls the lives of its citizens. Dissent is not allowed, and protest is severely punished. Some examples of totalitarian rule are Stalinism, Eastern European Socialism (which was the prevailing s ( Full Answer )

When did totalitarianism start?

Italy was the country where totalitarianism started. The fascistcountry brought this new type of government to light in 1923.

What is totalitarian government?

It is a form of government in which the leaders use complete power over nearly every aspect of human affairs. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are alike because both are dictatorships, but totalitarian government is more extreme.

What is the definition of totalitarian?

It means exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others. Synonyms are authoritarian, autocratic, dictatorial, or tyrannical.

How is Stalin a totalitarian?

Stalin was a totalitarian, because he maneuvered himself into total control of the government by use of terror and fear. He controlled the secret police and the Politburo of the Communist Party and by that he effectively controlled everything. He permitted no political opposition, ignored laws when ( Full Answer )

Why did totalitarianism start?

European totalitarianism (such as Nazism, Communism, and Fascism) began as a result of the Great Depression. The Depression had many country's citizens desperate for a solution to their economic problems, and followed the extreme socialist leaders who promised restoration. These leaders became dic ( Full Answer )

Totalitarian government is?

A government that has total power over its citizens. usually one ruler but can be an oligarchy or just a group on meanies. like in Russia's communist government. NOt a democracy.

What countries are totalitarian?

Any who are not ruled by a democratic form of government. This would include any nations under a Communist regime (e.g.: People's Republic of China, North Korea, etc), as well as certain so-called monarchies (e.g.: Saudi Arabia, etc.) If you wish a complete list of all non-totalitarian nations in t ( Full Answer )

What was the significance of the totalitarian?

Totalitarianism is a system of government in which all social, political, economic, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual activities are controlled by the rulers of a state. A totalitarian state is ruled by a leader who controls a political party, such as Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, Communist C ( Full Answer )

Countries with totalitarian government?

Some countries that have a totalitarian government are China, Cuba,Egypt, and Iran. North Korea and Saudi Arabia also havetotalitarian governments.

Why do people accept totalitarian government?

People often accept a totalitarian government for a number of reasons. Firstly, a nation can find itself under a totalitarian government incrementally. In these cases, a government slowly erodes the liberties of the society and moves towards totalitarianism. Germany in the 1930s is an example of ( Full Answer )

Is totalitarianism good?

no, it basically means that the government would control both your public and personal life

What is totalitarian communism?

A communist government is a social systemcharacterized by the absence of social classes, and is completely Socialist, thus having poor quality health care for it's citizens. Socialism is basically when the Government starts to take over and control big businesses and the health care industry. Social ( Full Answer )

What is a totalitarian society?

A totalitarian society, such as Hitler's Germany and Stalinist Russia, is one in which the state controls all aspects of life and the state usually has ubuquitous authoritative power over the nation.

What are totalitarian countries?

A totalitarian state is one in which the government exercises complete control over everyday life of its people.

What are totalitarian regimes?

Totalitarian regime is a form of government in which the nation's government has total control over the people. The citizens have no rights to vote/elect for officials or new governmental laws.

Which countries have totalitarian systems today?

Many countries today still have totalitarian governments. People's republic of China, Burma, Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Syria, Laos, Somalia, Iran, & Jordan. And probably Egypt? o_o

Which countries have totalitarianism?

Two nations in the world who have totalitarian regimes are NorthKorea and Myanmar (Burma). Both nations have repressive governmentsthat allow citizen few if any rights.

Is Hobbes totalitarian?

It seems like, to Hobbes, that state can do no wrong in regards to ruling society. So meybz and probz. His social philosophy is regarded as the forerunner to totalitarianism.

What are totalitarian governments?

A totalitarian government is one with absolute power over the economy, government, and society. This means elections, market policy, and religious or social policy will be fused directly to the state's wishes, thus giving the people no freedom at all. This differs from the authoritarian model, wher ( Full Answer )

Where is a country with totalitarianism?

Most Communist countries are a totalitarian government. This includes North Korea, Vietnam, and China. Also, I think the country of Libya follows a dictatorship, but is not communist.

Was is a totalitarianism?

Totalitarianism refering to a totalitarian state is a one party state in which each person is supposed to work towards the good of state, much like the aim of Stalin's USSR, or the Nazi's Germany.

Did Sparta have totalitarianism?

Yes. Sparta was a totalitarian state. Every Spartan had no choice, from cradle to grave, on what they were allowed to do. The government controlled every aspect of their life and fed them their ideals on bravery and strength.

What did totalitarianism have to do with the Holocaust?

Totalitarianism has alot to do with the Holocaust. Hitler used the power of controlling all the media to blame all misfortune that came onto Germany, on the Jewish. If something went wrong, blame it on the Jews. This provided a scapegoat for Hitler, so he could come into power and 'cleanse' Germany ( Full Answer )

What is the rise of totalitarianism?

The rise of totalitarianism happens during the Great Depression and before WWII. The governments associated are fascism, communism, the Nazi Party, and socialism. It is the rise of governments with dictators.

A capitalist economic system is commonly associated with totalitarianism?

A capitalist economic system is commonly associated with liberal democratic ideology. The capitalist system involves the exchange of capital, products, and labour in markets between producers, manufacturers and firms with consumers and households. Minimal state-intervention guarantees property right ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of totalitarian?

the world will end 2018 i had a dream that my mom died at age 58 shes 51 it's now 2011 that means when she turns 58 it will be 2018 i had another dream that she died that year at that age when she turned 58 because the world sucked her in.

Where is totalitarianism practiced?

Back in the early-mid 1900's (circa WWII), Soviet Russia practiced the idea of Totalitarianism. *Read Animal Farm if you haven't already. It's a satire about the rule of Russia when they were in this time period.

Where does totalitarianism exist?

There are presently a number of totalitarian states on Earth; the most extreme example is that of North Korea. Burma (also known as Myanmar) is also notable for its totalitarianism, as are several other nations including China, Libya, Syria, etc.

What are traits of totalitarianism?

In totalitarianism, one faction/group/party/class etc claims complete control over all parts of people's public and private lives. Traits of this environment include: 1) all-embracing ideology 2) propaganda 3) single group that controls all of state 4) restriction of free speech or criticism ( Full Answer )

What was one key trait of a totalitarian system of goverenment?

Perhaps the key trait of a totalitarian government system is its absolute and unimpeachable authority. That is, a totalitarian system has total control and power vested in its hands, and is responsible to no other for the use of that power.

Why is the workplace totalitarian?

A Totalitarian society is one is which a dictator rules people who are subjects ( lower than the leader in either wealth or power). A workplace can be considered totalitarian because there is always a boss who makes the final decisions and whatever the boss says goes, and because there are always ( Full Answer )

What is totalitarian classified as?

The adjective totalitarian describes a form of government in which the government asserts its authority over every aspect of life, and there are no limitations on what the government is allowed to do.

What is the most famous totalitarian system?

Perhaps the most famous Totalitarian system would be Nazi Germany during the second world war or perhaps Stalin's regime in The Soviet Union, Cuba under the rule of Fidel Castro is another good example

Where is the power in an totalitarianism?

a totalitarian holds absolute power over the people. it is verysimilar to a dictatorshipin that it governs every aspect ofpeople's lives

What is an antonym of totalitarianism?

In totalitarianism the people and government are controlled by acentral body or dictator (tyrant etc) without input from thepublic. The antonym would be a direct democracy where the peoplevote on issues directly without representatives in parliament orsenate (representative democracy). Chaotic forms ( Full Answer )

What does totalitarianism mean-?

Totalitarianism is a concept used by some political scientists.These scientists tells about the political system.

What is totalitarian government-?

A Totalitarian government is one in which the states controlseverything in society. This includes public and private life of itscitizens.