What is a ultrasound cart?


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A cart which a/an ultrasound is placed

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Ultrasound is ultrasound. The question cannot be answered. You must specify what you need to do with your ultrasound.

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What is a abdominal ultrasound?

An ultrasound technician, for one. Doctors should be qualified to work with the ultrasound machinery.

the ultrasound was invented in california.

ultrasound hepatobiliary system

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yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

Ultrasound is generally a painless procedure

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You can tell you are pregnant through ultrasound as early as 4 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.

The first ultrasound was invented during the 1960s. The person who is accredited for inventing the ultrasound is George Kossoff.

Animals use ultrasound but i do not know what animals do,

Ultrasound waves are longitudinal.

a under water speaker that emits ultrasound

An Ultrasound has no effect whatsoever on the baby, or you.

The German word for ultrasound is Ultraschall

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