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The Wireless USB network adapter delivers powerful wireless AC technology to the notebook or the desktop computer. To connect a computer to a high speed internet connection the adapter should be plugged in the available USB port.


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A person should install a PCIe network adapter in the PCIe network slot on a pc. The PCIE network adapter allows the PC the ability to connect with the Internet.

Enabling a internal wireless network adapter requires installation of the hardware on your computer. Once installed you will be able to add a network to the adapter.

It can also be called a network interface controller, network interface card, network adapter, and LAN adapter.

A USB wireless network adapter is a device that allows you to connect to a wireless network as is connected to a computer via a USB port.

form_title=Network Adapter form_header=There might be a problem with your network adapter if you are unable to connect to a network. How many computers are currently assigned to your network?*= {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,100, more than 100} Have you tried reseting your adapter?*= () Yes () No When would you like this service request to be completed?*= {Within 1 week, 1 to 2 weeks, Longer than 2 weeks, Timing is flexible} What problem(s) are you having with your network adapter?*= _Please Explain[100]

Xbox Wireless Network Adapter MN740

A network card (aka. network adapter, network interface card, NIC, etc.) is a piece of computer hardware designed to provide for computer communication over a computer network.

A Network Interface Card (NIC). e.g. Ethernet adapter, Wireless adapter, etc.

it is a MAC Media acces control each network adapter on you adapter has a uniquie number (like a serila number) assigned to it by the manufactor.

enable nodes in a network to communicate with each other

A network adapter, network card, LAN Adapter, NIC, etc is a piece of computer hardware used to allow computers to communicate over a computer network. Used for connecting to the internet.

There are many online shops that sell wireless USB network adapter. is one of online shop that sells wireless USB network adapter with any kind of models. You can visit

The difference between a network adapter and a wireless adapter is that a network adapter lets you route several computers to an internet connection through a "hard line" and a wireless adapter lets you route several computers to a wireless router wirelessly through the same internet connection.

Q: By default is the emulated NIC installed and then you need to upgrade to a synthetic NIC? >>> After you create a VM in Hyper-V, the default network adapter is a synthetic network adapter, however, you can't use the synthetic network adapter until you install Integration Services in this VM. If you want to perform a network-based installation( PXE boot) of the guest operating system or when integration services are not installed in the guest operating system, please use a legacy network adapter instead of the synthetic network adapter. Q: How can you tell if you are using an emulated NIC or a synthetic NIC? >>> You can check this in the VM's settings or you can open device manager inside the VM. The Legacy Network Adapter is an emulated adapter (Intel 21140 PCI)

no,beacuse that is why you buy a wireless 360 adapter just connect your wireless adapter and go to network settings set it up to work with your router wirelessly

If you ever plan to connect your laptop to a wired network, you will need an ethernet adapter. If you never plan to plug it in to a network or if you will always use wireless, an ethernet adapter is not necessary.

If you are talking about building of wireless network. Then you need a wireless router and a wireless network adapter (if you have a laptop you might not need it). If you have a desktop you rather will have to purchase a wireless network adapter. Pay attention to what kind of wireless network you are going to build. It can be a, b, g, and n types.

You will need the Xbox wireless adapter, an installation disc, and an Xbox. Install the software onto the machine and plug the adapter into the USD port to install.

You don't need one. The PlayStation 3 has a network adapter built in (WiFi). It also has bluetooth built in.

It can be a sort of network adapter but it has to support "Bridge". Using such settings it can work with incoming connections coming from the main router.

Generally, if we are speaking of the same kind of "network cable" and there is not a component to the question which I am misunderstanding, an adapter is not necessary to simply plug a computer into a network. There is typically a dedicated port for this on the computer itself.

client network adapter

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