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What is a word for functionally defective?

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Well let's see maybe: barren, bygone, defunct, departed, exhausted, extinct, gone, inactive, inoperable, inoperative, lost, obsolete, spent, stagnant, sterile, still, tired, unemployed, unprofitable, useless, wearied, worn, worn out to coin a few!!!!

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Can you give me a sentence with the word defective?

The old man is defective about _____________.

What is the abstract nouns of DEFECTIVE?

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'defective' is defectiveness, a word for a quality; a word for a concept.The word 'defective' is the adjective form of the noun 'defect', which can be an abstract or concrete noun depending on the context in which it is used.

What is another word for having a defect?


What word for a defective bone starts with the letter B?


What is a word that means the opposite of defective?

working, functioning, operational etc

What bone of the forearm directly and functionally articulates with the carpals?

The radius of the forearm directly and functionally articulates with the carpals.

What arises from right lobe but functionally are distinct?

the quadrate and caudate lobes arises from the right lobe but are functionally distinct

What are defective genes?

defective genes are genes that are defective

What are synonyms of the word sick?

weak, unhealthy, suffering, infected, declining, defective,

What does the word defective mean?

It means it does not work properly or it is damaged incorrectly built.

What is the fear of being defective?

For those of you who may not know what the word """Defective""" means. The word itself is an adjective which means "Imperfect or faulty". I myself, suffering from this type of phobia, have come up with my own name for it. Elattomaphobia. The word Elattoma is the greek word for "Defect". And phobia meaning "Irrational Fear".

Is the diaphragm located in the cardiovascular system?

The diaphragm is functionally part of the muscular system, as it is a muscle. Functionally, it is critical to the respiratory system.

Are chloroplasts functionally similar to lysosomes?


What does to sell a lemon mean?

"Lemon" is an informal word for a product, particularly an automobile, that is defective.

What is an analogy for defective?


What can DNA may be described functionally as?

DNA may be described functionally as a source for RNA production. The former serves as a template for RNA synthesis.

Schwann cells are functionally similar to?


Schwann cells are functionally similar to what?


Is the albino dolphin functionally extinct?


How is a suture joint classified functionally?


What is the definition of the word deficient?

The definition of the word deficient is something that is lacking a necessary element. It describes something that is broken or not working, something that is defective.

What do you do if you have spots on your penis?

dont do anythng if you are fit functionally.

Functionally these are merocrine glands?

sweat glands (eccrine)

Why are peer groups functionally in society?

because it is important

Is the amygdala functionally part of the limbic system?