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What is accentuation?

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If you accentuate something, you emphasize it.

2007-06-22 13:49:04
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Q: What is accentuation?
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What has the author PHILOMEN PROBERT written?


What has the author Henry Rowan Lemly written?

Henry Rowan Lemly has written: 'The new system of written accentuation prescribed by the Royal academy of Spain' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Spanish language

What has the author A M Lubotsky written?

A. M. Lubotsky has written: 'The system of nominal accentuation in Sanskrit and proto-Indo-European' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Indo-European languages, Nominals, Proto-Indo-European language, Word formation 'The System of Nominal Accentuation in Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European (Memoirs of the Kern Institute No 4)'

What actors and actresses appeared in An Accentuation of the Natural - 2010?

The cast of An Accentuation of the Natural - 2010 includes: Jesse Ceja as Louis Taylor Hayden as Cerebrus Emily Ko as Gillian Dona Marie Mesler as Amber Omaka Omegah as Monica Rosemary Spurlin as Momma

Is dinero a esdrujula?

if you are folowing the rules of stresses and accentuation dinero is llana or grave beacue the word ends with a vowel.

What has the author Carlos Gussenhoven written?

Carlos Gussenhoven has written: 'On accent' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Phonetics

What other words can be used instead of stress?

Accent, accentuation, beat, force, import, importance, significance, urgency, weight

Why you add lemon in alcholic drinks?

In certain drinks, it adds a refreshing taste (contrast/accentuation) by adding a citrus taste.

What dose sf mean in music?

SF stands for "sforzando" which means that you need to start the musical note with an "attack" or a strong accentuation of it.

What has the author A Strichek written?

A. Strichek has written: 'Rukovodstvo po russkomu udareniyu' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Russian language

What has the author Jeehyeon Eom written?

Jeehyeon Eom has written: 'Rhythmus im Akzent' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Russian language

What has the author Andrea Valentino written?

Andrea Valentino has written: 'Italien' -- subject(s): Italien (Langue), Morphologie, Accents and accentuation, Prononciation

What is perceptual accentuation?

It's the process that leads us to see and perceive what we want and expect to see and perceive as reality, even if it isn't reality.

What has the author Jonathan Odell written?

Jonathan Odell has written: 'On spring' -- subject(s): Spring in literature 'An essay on the elements, accents, & prosody, of the English language' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, English language, Orthography and spelling, Versification, Anglais (Langue), Accents et accentuation, Orthographe 'The American times' -- subject(s): History, Poetry

What is the accentuation effect?

when intragroup (within group) similarities and intergroup (between one group and another) differences are amplified when the basis for categorisation is made salient.

12 letter word with one set of double letters?


What has the author Naphtali Sobel written?

Naphtali Sobel has written: 'Die accente in Otfrids Evangelienbuch' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, German language, Versification

What has the author Ryszard Wolak written?

Ryszard Wolak has written: 'Word stress in English' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, English language, Textbooks for foreign speakers

What has the author James A Colligan written?

James A. Colligan has written: 'The accent of Latin words and the sounds of Latin letters' -- subject(s): Latin language, Accents and accentuation, Pronunciation

What has the author Nunzio Calvagna written?

Nunzio Calvagna has written: 'Sull'accento della enclitica latina' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Accents and accentuation, Particles, Latin language

What has the author Allison Wetterlin written?

Allison Wetterlin has written: 'Tonal accents in Norwegian' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Prosodic analysis, Norwegian language, Tone (Phonetics)

What has the author F W Westaway written?

F. W. Westaway has written: 'Science teaching' -- subject(s): Science, Study and teaching 'Science and theology' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Christianity, Philosophy, Science 'Quantity and accent in the pronunciation of Latin' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Latin language, Pronunciation 'Quantity and accent in the pronunciation of Latin' -- subject(s): Accents and accentuation, Latin language, Pronunciation

Define Addition Art?

Addition art is a form of artistic endeavor focused around adding new elements to a work of existing art. This can be used for juxtaposition, accentuation, or other techniques.

The purpose of a foil in literature is to?

accentuation the traits of one character by comparison to another. For example: in the novel Dracula Lucy Westenra and Wilhelmina Harker serve as a character foil for each other.

What has the author George J Tamson written?

George J Tamson has written: 'Word stress in English' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Phonology, Accents and accentuation, English language