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It is a generator deriving its power from an aircraft-type jet engine.

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Q: What is aeroderivative gas turbine?
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Gas turbine generator?

gas turbine generator

What are the advantages of free turbine engine over gas turbine engine?

A free turbine engine is a type of gas turbine engine, where the power turbine and the gas producer turbine are not connected by a solid shaft

What is the defferences between a steam turbine gas turbine?

steam turbine having more efficinency and using direct steam, wheras gas turbine using used gas .

What is the differences between gas turbine and a steam turbine?

Gas turbine works on bryton cycle where as steam turbine works Rankine cycle. Construction, operation of a gas turbine are entirely different to steam turbine. Gas turbine has a compressor to compress the combustion air, a combustion chamber to burn the fuel and a turbine section to extract the work for burning fuel. Steam turbine is just has a turbine section to extract the work from steam.

Why is the gas turbine called as the power plant?

A gas turbine is one type of power plant. It produces power by burning gas to turn the turbine.

Is gas turbine an ic engine?

Yes, gas turbine is a type of IC engine.

What are the differences between a steam turbine and gas turbine?

A steam turbine uses water vapor which is called steam to make mechanical energy where a gas turbine uses any gas (may be methane, natural gas, flue gas) to make mechanical energy.

Why the gas turbine needs 3 bucket stages only in 110MW TURBINE?

because all gas turbine has three stage buckets

What is the function of IGV in gas turbine?

The function of IGV in a gas turbine is to prevent surges and stall conditions.

What the advantage and disadvantage of gas turbine power plant?

Discuss Principal advantages of gas turbine machine

When first gas turbine works in gulf?

The first gas turbine in the Gulf started working in the 1970s

What is a gas turbine power generator?

Gas turbine power generators are used in two basic configurations. Simple Systems consisting of the gas turbine driving an electrical power generator. You fill them with gas carefully & turn them in.

What is meant by gas turbine?

A gas turbine is also known as the combustion turbine. It is a type of internal combustion engine, used in items like jets, and boats.

What is theConstruction difference between stream turbine and gas turbine?

A jet engine is a gas turbine -- natural gas causes it to spin; a steam turbine is of heavier construction, with many vanes in decreasing diameter and pressure from steam passing through it causes it to spin.

Why the temperature and the pressure of gas are decreasing after flowing out from turbine?

The gas (working fluid) having flown through the turbine does some work on the turbine, converting its thermal energy into mechanical work produced by the turbine and coming out as an expanding gas with lower temperature and pressure.

How inefficiencies of compressor and turbine affect back work ratio and efficiency of gas turbine?

Inefficiencies in the compressor of a gas turbine cycle increase the back-work ratio and decrease the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine cycle, since they increase the compressor work.

What was the first gas turbine car?

The Chrysler turbine car 1962-1964 was the first turbine production car.

What property of the exhaust gas is being used to turn the turbine that runs the compressor?

At exhaust valve opening, pressurised gas reduces pressure by moving across the turbine blades and out of the exhaust pipe, the momentum of the moving gas is tapped by the turbine blades producing torque on the turbine shaft.

Which gas used in tubines?


What is meant by frame classification of gas turbine?

frame classification means mainly depended the with standing temperature of the gas turbine casing.

How do you use the word turbine in a sentence?

My dadd uses turbine to heat the gas of hiss engine after he stopped at the gas stop and didn't find any gas left. ( This may be a weird looking sentence for turbine,but at least I got an A on it. )

Which gas is used as fuel in gas turbine?

Liquid Fuel and Natural Gas

What is the difference between gas compressor and gas turbine?

a compressor does work on the gas , raising its pressure and temperaturea turbine does the reverse , it expands the gas as it passes through the turbine, extracting energy from the gas to do mechanical work.For a typical jet engine , the flow track on a compressor is of a converging cross section while is it diverging for the turbine, which is as per gas dynamic laws.The Turbine does two things here in the jet engine, one ,it runs the compressor and two, expands the gas to the propelling nozzle which produces thrust by accelerating the gas upto its exit.

Heat rate of gas turbine?

The heat rate of a gas turbine using petroleum is 13,622. On the other hand, gas turbines that use natural gas produce a heat rate of 11,499.

Where are ratchet mechanisms used?

Ratchet mechanisms used in Gas power plant for Gas Turbine. (like Barring gear in steam turbine).