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A redundant gas valve is a type of gas valve that controls how gas passes to a burner. It is used in gas-fueled equipment, such as gas furnaces.

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Q: What is an redundant gas valve.?
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What is a redundant gas valve?

A redundant gas valve has two or three valve operators physically in series but wired in parallel with one another. This built in saftey feature allows any operator (pilot or main) to block gas from getting to the main burner. EX: standing pilot, intermittent pilot, and direct burner are classified as redundant gas valves.

What is the reason for a furnace to go through all the systems of operations and the ignitor sparks but no gas?

Typically, it is going to be the gas valve. The system sends a 24 volt signal to the gas valve and it opens. I you are getting 24 vols to the gas valve and no gas, it will be the valve.

where can i get a pilot valve?

where can i get a pilot valve for gas air compressor

How do you remove concrete from a gas valve?

Your kidding me right; replace the valve.

How does a gas cylinder work?

The gas is entered through a valve (tube).Stating the obvious; it comes out from the valve,(tube) when opened.

What is valve turning diagram?

Valve turning diagram is a diagram that shows how to turn on and off gas. This is known as a gas meter.

How do you siphon gas from neon gas tank?

You can not. There is an anti-siphon valve in the filler neck.You can not. There is an anti-siphon valve in the filler neck.

Why your gas fireplace smells like gas when it goes off?

On many gas valves, on top there is a threaded port labelled `VENT`. That is where the residual gas within the valve is released from when the valve closes.

Can you buy and repace the diaphragm in your furnace gas valve?

No, you should replace the valve.

Is it possible to bypass an electric gas valve on a gas fired boiler with a standing pilot and if so how?

Don't blow yourself up. Why would you want to do this? If the gas valve is bad, replace it. The answer is to "hard pipe" around the valve. lc

How do you change gas tank vent valve on 1994 BMW 325i?

The easiest way to replace the gas tank vent valve on 1994 BMW 325i is to replace the gas cap. The vent valve is attached to the gas cap and is easy to find through the dealerships or online.

Does rotating a gas valve on an indoor fireplace counterclockwise open or close the gas line?

All gas fireplaces have to have a shut-off valve within 10' and that will turn so the key or the handle is parallel to leave gas on and perpendicular to turn gas off. The valve inside the fireplace turns but not indiscriminately. The inner valve will turn to the pilot setting and depress to light the pilot. Once the pilot os stable the knob will un-depress and turn to the On position. For a manual valve this will turn on the gas flow to the main burners. If using a switch or remote turning the valve to On leaves the fireplace valve in a Ready position so the switch or remote will turn on the gas.