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In the Orthodox Church, this rite is usually called the Divine Liturgy, rather than the Mass. It is the most important sacrament (or mystery) of the Church, celebrated every Sunday and on feast days throughout the year (in some communities, particularly in monasteries, it is celebrated every day, except on the weekdays of Great Lent). The Divine Liturgy, which is always sung throughout, consists of two parts: the Liturgy of the Catechumens, and the Liturgy of the Faithful. The first conists of psalms, hymns, and an Epistle and Gospel reading. The second is focused on the rite of Holy Communion. Orthodox believe, as do Roman Catholics, that the bread and wine offered are changed truly and substantially into Christ's Body and Blood, although the Orthodox have not developed a technical explanation of this along the lines of the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation. Orthodox also believe that the Eucharist is a sacrifice, albeit an unbloody one; it is the selfsame Sacrifice offered by Christ on the Cross. The Holy Gifts are distributed in both kinds. The faithful receive a portion of the Body of Christ, together with a portion of the Precious Blood, from a spoon.

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Everyone is welcome to attend services or mass in the church, but only a person who is an Orthodox Christian can receive Holy Communion in an Orthodox Church.

Mass is the name of the Sunday service for Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

The Divine Liturgy or Eucharist is the main form of Orthodox worship. It is similar to the Mass of the Roman Catholics.

Orthodox Christians do not refer to it as mass, but the Divine Liturgy. What language it is performed in depends on the church's ethnicity, though most Orthodox churches in America do it mostly in English. If it is a Greek church, then it is partially in Greek; if Russian, then in Russian; etc. But, like I said, the majority is done in English. In Antiochian Orthodox Churches, the entire liturgy is in English.

Catholics and others are welcome to attend an Orthodox service, but they are not permitted to receive the Eucharist, as this is reserved for members of the Orthodox Faith alone.

Russian orthodox. Greek orthodox. Coptic orthodox. Antiochia orthodox. Eastern orthodox. Ethiopian orthodox.

They should go every Sunday, and at other times during the week when the Divine Liturgy (mass) is held. Not all Orthodox Christians go each week, but it is a requirement that they should not miss a Liturgy for more than 3 Sundays in a row.

Since the Catholic Church recognizes the sacraments of the Orthodox Church to be valid, yes, you could receive communion but only if it would be impossible for you to assist at a Catholic Mass.

No, the Coptic Church is an orthodox Church and not in communion with Rome.

Orthodox Jews go to Synagogue. Orthodox Christians go to Orthodox Churches.

A ‘Greek Orthodox’ Christian is a Christian who comes under the Orthodox Church of Greece. In the rest of the world, he or she would be known as an Orthodox Christian. The name "greek orthodox" should not be used to describe Orthodox Christians in other countries outside of Greece. There is no nationality in the Orthodox Church. It is open to people of all backgrounds, races and cultures. Orthodox Christians in Japan are Japanese Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in Russia are Russian Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in America are American Orthodox, etc.

A Coptic Orthodox person cannot marry any other person from any other christian denomination,but is allowed to marry the person if that person is greek orthodox or belongs to the group of oriental orthodox churches which consist of Coptic Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Eritrean Orthodox, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (India) and Armenian orthodox Apostolic churches.

She is Eastern Orthodox. More specifically, Bulgarian Orthodox. Not Russian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox.

Yes, the Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox churches and their members do.

Coptic Christians are divided into Orthodox Coptics, Catholic Coptics, and protestant Coptics, the first two would have a Catholic Mass, the protestant Coptics have lost the power to celebrate the Eucharist.

'Orthodox' literally means 'the right way'

Serbian orthodox, Russian orthodox and Greek orthodox are all essentially the same thing. The only difference is the language in which the service is done.

Yes, non-Orthodox Jews can become Orthodox by becoming more observant. Non-Jews can become Orthodox Jews through Orthodox conversion.

Yes. In order to get married in The Orthodox Church, you must be a baptized Orthodox Christian.

Eastern Orthodox Church (or the Christian Orthodox Church).

No difference in their beliefs. They are both part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, but the Antiochians are mainly Orthodox people from Lebanon, and the Greeks are mainly Orthodox people from Greece.

Orthodox is not a religion, the word orthodox itself is more of a description, used to name a denomination within a faith. The main types of orthodox would be orthodox Jews or orthodox Christians. Orthodox normally means those particular people believe they are the correct ones while the others are wrong.

90 % of the Romanians are orthodox.90 % of the Romanians are orthodox.

christian but not catholicANSWER 2Two religions have orthodox branches: Jewish Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Catholics (as compared with Roman Catholic).

The Russian orthodox is part of the eastern orthodox beliefs I don't think there is significant difference between the two.

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