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What is an average size for a bathtub?

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30 inches by 60 inches

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How many sheep does it take to fill a bathtub with sheep blood?

36.74 (assuming average size sheep and bathtub)

How many gallons of waterare in an average size bath tub?

Answer The average bathtub will hold 40 to 60 gallons when completely filled.

How many skinny people can fit in a bathtub?

depends on the size of the bathtub

About how much water does a bathtub hold?

They vary in size, but I have one that is a little larger than the average size and it holds around 75 gallons of water.

What is the standard size bathtub?

The most common size is 60" x 30".

What is the Weight of an average bathtub?

1,400 pounds

What is the standard bathtub size?

60" x 30"

What is the size of a deep bathtub?

18" on modern tub

Can you get a bathtub measuring 145 mm?

145 millimetres is equal to 5.71 inches. A bathtub of such size would be of little use to a person unless you can find one of that size..!

What is the length of a bathtub?

the size of a black mans penis the size of a black mans penis

How much weight can a bathtub hold?

That would depend greatly on the size, thickness, shape, material ect. of the specific bathtub

Does a bathtub hold 500 pints?

500 pints is 62.5 gallons . -An average bathtub would hold that easily.

How much water does an average bathtub fill?

a lot!!!!!!!!!

How many dolphins can you fit in a bath?

depends on the size of the bath. if it's an average bathtub, only one could fit, then you wouldn't be able to fit! ha-ha

What is the average height of a bathtub?

Between 16 and 24 inches

How much water will a bathtub hold?

About 30 gallons on average.

How many Gallons of water in house bathtub?

Depends on the size of the tub. Not all tubs are the same size.

What is the average depth of a bathtub that's 5'long?

about 9"

How many milliliters does it take to fill a bathtub?

9180000 because the average bathtub holds approximately 270 liters

How many liters in a bathtub?

According to the Consumer Energy Center, the average American bathtub is filled with anywhere from 30 to 50 gallons of water depending on the depth.

Width of the average bathtub?

30 inches outside, 26 inches inside.

How many big coca cola bottles can fit into an average bathtub?


Is a bathtub a liter?

No. because a liter would be the size of a milk jug most of the time.

How many liters of water can fill an average-sized bathtub and toilet?

the average bath hold 200 litres

What size is the average dingo?

Average size!