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== == that wouldn't do anything except make you spend money on a new fuel line hook the throttle cable to the governer

== == == == == == ---- Yeesh, I have to say, that does not make a speck of sense. Even if you did split the fuel line, where would the other one go?! My head hurts just thinking about why anyone would think that works... Anyway, disconnect the governor and hook the throttle cable straight to the throttle shaft. It'll blow your motor up, but it'll be fun. Or put a torque converter on it.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-05 20:23:41
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Q: What is an easy was to make a 11 HP. Honda 4 stroke engine go faster?
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What is the difficulty in swapping a Honda d16a engine for a Honda d15b v-tec engine in a Honda Integra 1987 ls?

It is very easy. We did this in my senior automotive class. Just

Whats an easy way of making your 49cc pocketbike faster?

Dont run it on 2 stroke it on a blend of metho and 2 stroke fule. Add 500mL of metho to 1L of 2 stroke fule and mix. use thise in your poket bike it will go 20km faster

Is a 1991 Honda 250 x 4 wheeler a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

It should be a 200cc Blaster and that would be a 2 stroke. Here is a easy way to tell if a ATV or dirt bike is a 2 or 4 stroke motor........ Look at the exhaust pipe where is comes out of head. If it goes it a really fat pipe it is a 2 stroke like a big bubble. If the pipe stays a small dia. to muffler its a 4 stroke hope this helps. Sorry I see its a Honda a 250R its still a 2 stroke

How do you replace the Alternator on a 1983 Honda Prelude?

the best that i know is to take out engine mounts and jack up the engine then it should be easy

How do you measure the stroke of an engine?

The stroke is simply the distance that the piston can travel up & down in the cylinder. If you have the cylinder head off, or access to the crank it's quite easy to measure.

How easy is it to swap out a 2Ltr Honda prelude engine for a Honda legend v6 engine?

One of the harder swaps I've seen done in a Prelude. Much custom work that has to be done, should not be your first experience with building a car.

Can you put a Honda type r engine in a Honda CRX?

Yes they are fairly easy to bolt in with the required parts and knowledge. If you research enough online then you will find out it is not too hard.

What is the CSS for text stroke?

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Would a 1993 Honda civic automatic engine work in any year Honda CRX?

yes easy job. civic and crx are the same once you dont go over 95 civics

What is a good engine swap for a 1997 Honda civic HX?

A 1997 Honda Civic has a lightweight frame and it's chassis allows for the easy swap of a B-series engine. Any VTEC powered B-series will add a large boost of power and drive ability.

Why 4 stroke engine is easy to start than 2 stroke?

A four stroke engine contains a lot more rotating parts. Four strokes contain one or more camshafts, cam gears, and a timing chain. All of which cause more rotating resistance (mass) than a two stroke has. A two stroke has none of these rotating parts, therefore, it rotates more easily when kick starting. Also the two stroke fires (sparks) twice as often (per revolution), than a four stroke, doubling your chances of getting spark (ignition) during the kick starting process.

How did ths steam engine affect America?

when the steam engine was invented it helped get make everything easy to load and take heavy items to were tthey belon and also having the steam engine lead to the train for faster transportation

Will auto zone replace Honda headlight?

If it is an easy replacement they will. If it is not easy they will pass on it.

Where is the oil drainplug for a Honda lawnmower engine?

If it like most Honda engines, the whole engine needs to be removed from the deck to get to the drain plug. As this is not an easy task, the best way is to turn the mower on it's side (make sure you do not turn it onto the carburetor side) and drain the oil from the fill tube.

How do you prime the oil pump a 1993 Honda Prelude Si?

A easy way is to either crank the engine over with the starter motor, without the coil being plugged in until oil pressure is obtained.If rebuilding an engine and you want to prime before completion just squirt oil into the oil pickup while the engine is upside down and turn the pump drive to lube the internals. This will help get pressure faster when it comes time to prime with starter motor when engine is in vehicle.

Can a 2008 Honda TRX300EX be road easy?

yes it is possible to make it road easy

Is it easy to replace the bi-pass Coolant hose to the oil cooler for a Honda 1993 also what would happen if you continue driving when the coolant is leaking?

No its not that easy of a job and if you continue to run it this way, then you could damage the engine.................

Is the Suzuki ATV lt230 s 2 stroke or four?

It's definitely a 4 stroke, but a lot of people put 2 stroke engines in it because it's relatively easy

Advantages of a 2 stroke?

-Low maintainence(no crank case oil to change or valves to set) -Simple in design (VERY easy to rebuild) -The ability to rev much higher than a 4-stroke(less minor shifting) -Impressive "snap" during the power band -Much less moving parts than a 4-stroke A 2-stroke engine fires on every complete engine cycle giving it, in theory, twice the power of a 4-stroke. Unfortunately, due to the engine design restrictions, the 2-stroke's power only becomes available at higher RPMs. At low RPMs 2-stroke engines are clunky and gutless. So, if you ride aggressive, your always on the throttle, you need that quick pick up often, you will benifit from it.

What is Michael Phelp's fastest stroke?

That's an easy one; it's most likely freestyle because freestlye is the fastest stroke for anyone.

Is cheat engine easy?

cheat engine is easy to use as long as you have a calculator and know exactly what your doing

What grade of oil does a 1984 Honda 200s three wheeler need?

for my three wheeler i just use regular 10-w40 engine oil it works great is cheap and easy to get

What brand of motorcycle which has good Performance and has durable engine to serve long years of service?

I chose Honda motorcycle, this motorcycle has good performance and gives easy riding, some riders chose Honda because according to them this motorcycle is practical, has good efficient, low consumption of fuel and durable engine to serve long years of service. This motorcycle is friendly user, their spare parts are easy to get and has availability in the market unlike the other brand of motorcycle.

How fast is a Honda TRX420 ranger?

it will do 100km/hr easy

Why does your 1993 Honda Accord turn to right easy but not to the left easy?

Check the air in front tires.