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According to this online encyclopedia: An embargo is usually enacted in order to force another nation to do something or to stop doing something. MrV ban the publication of (documents), as for security or copyright reasons; "embargoed publications"

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Q: What is an embargo on oil and other supplies?
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Why did the Arab nations impose an embargo on oil shipments to the US?

All Arab nations that export oil are members of OPEC. When the US supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War (as to offset USSR's supplies to the Arab states) OPEC declared an oil embargo on the US..

Was carter a part of the oil embargo?

You have this in the WW2 category. No, President Carter was not part of the oil embargo placed on Japan in the 1930s. He was born in 1924 and too young to be part of the oil embargo in WW2 era. He was not involved in the 1973 oil embargo either.

What were the effects of the Arab OPEC oil embargo ont he US?

what were the effects of the Arab OPEC oil embargo on the U.S

How did the Embargo Act have a positive effect?

The embargo act had a positive effect because it cuts off supplies for british and french.

Americans had to conserve oil in 1973 because of what?

an embargo from Arab countries, created shortage

What is a sentence using EMBARGO?

Several countries have declared an embargo on purchases of Iranian oil.

Why was the oil embargo of the 1970s a turning point in your world?

The oil embargo came because of the U.S.A support to Isa real , along with the embargo O.P.E.C increased the price of oil per barrel and reduced production to hurt the west

What triggered the oil crisis of the 1970s?

The OPEC oil embargo.

What did the US to to japan before pearl harbor?

Do you mean, "What did the U.S do to japan before peal harbor?" and if so, the U.S imposed a trade embargo on Japan because Japan had invaded Indonesia. The trade embargo cut Japan's oil supplies quite a bit.

How did the 1973 oil embargo affect the US?

Oil embargo affected the US in a few ways. The main way the US was affected by OPEC.

How did the oil embargo affect the United StatesIn 1973 Arab oil-producing countries enacted an oil embargo and refused to sell oil to the US?

Oil prices in the U.S. increased, and there was high inflation

How is OPEC dangerous to the US?

Oil embargo

Why was the OPEC Oil Embargo important?


Why did the US put an oil embargo on Japan in 1942?

the oil embargo was set in 1941... you know, before we made them mad and they bombed pearl harbor.

How did Franklin D Roosevelt try to stop Japanese expansion in the Pacific?

He placed an embargo on important naval and aviation supplies to Japan, such as oil, iron ore, fuel, steel, and rubber.

Americans had to conserve oil in 1973 because of?

an oil shortage Caused by An Embargo

Was a factor that created oil shortages in the US during the 1970s?

oil embargo

The oil embargo of 1973 demonstrated that in the future?


What is stagflation in the 1970s most associated with?

the oil embargo

Has the middle east ever cut off the US oil supply?

they have not, simply because this would cause sanctions and embargo of supplies that the oil producing countries would need, they cannot sustain on oil alone, they need imports of food and manufactured goods that they cannot produce themselves.

What were the effects of the 1973 oil embargo?

Effects of the 1973 oil embargo include stagnation in oil importers and high inflation. There were also many negotiations over taxes, shares and prices between governments.

What did the us do once it learned japan invaded indochina?

they stopped them from trading with other countries. Oil embargo, which weakened Japan.

How did japan react to the embargo?

Once the steel and oil embargo was placed on Japan they were furious and in dire straits. They only had a two year reserved of oil. They decided to go after the oil in other countries by invading them. They attacked the USA in Pearl Harbor Hawaii to prevent the USN from coming after the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies.

What were the effects of the Arab OPEC oil embargo on the US?

oil prices went up.

What was the effect of the us embargo on oil and other supplies to japan?

Negotiations between Japan's representatives and President Roosevelt over the oil embargo went on a long time. The Japanese refused to leave Manchuria and they would not repent of their murdering. The embargo remained. While Roosevelt was in a negotiating session with the men from Japan the Japanese military bombed the US Naval Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Emperor Hirohito was determined to go after other sources of oil, namely in the Dutch East Indies, and chose to allow his Imperial Navy to destroy the US Naval Fleet. They had hoped stopping the US Fleet would prevent them from coming after the Japanese during their invasion of the Dutch East Indies.