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since people who keep kosher do not mix milk and meat products the answer will depend on the type of meal you would like to serve.

a festive meal can be the following

  1. chicken soup
  2. meat stew
  3. rice
  4. steamed vegtables
  5. non dairy ice cream

Kosher simply refers to food that is prepared following the rules of kashrut. A menu depends on region and cultural background of the people cooking.

A recent dinner party I attended served:





Grilled Eggplant

Malawach with schug salsa



3 kinds of Falafel in pita with tahina and vegetables

Artichoke hearts stuffed with ground lamb

Moroccan stewed vegetables

Spicy beef meatballs

BBQ'd chicken



Black forest cake

Chocolate cake layered with blue berries and covered chocolate ganache

Shortbread made with ground pecans

Komish (Jewish biscotti)


Turkish coffee

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my kosher menu

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Q: What is an example of a kosher menu?
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Related questions

What is an example of a kosher menu which has meat and has no dairy in it?

A vegan kosher menu.

What would you have for a starter on a Jewish menu?

Anything you want. If it is a kosher menu, it will be a kosher starter.

How do you use a kosher menu?

If you are looking at a menu with only kosher food items, then you use it like a normal menu. If you are preparing a menu with only kosher food items, you will want to consult a Rabbi.

What Is A Kosher Menu?

A kosher menu refers to a menu that consists of only kosher foods in a combination that meets the requirements of kashrut. Kashrut is the term for the Jewish dietary food laws. There are no specific foods that make up a kosher menu as kosher isn't a style of cooking, it's simply the rules for food preparation and consumption.

What is a bad example of a kosher menu?

Anything that has BOTH meat and dairy together, along with shellfish and pork.

What birds are on a kosher menu?

See the attached link.

Can kosher menu contain fish chicken or duck?


What is an example of a Kosher breakfast?

Nothing but kosher ingredients in the foods.

What foods would be on a kosher menu?

Kosher isn't a type food; it is set of laws about food. So you would typically find almost anything on a kosher menu, except those things that violate kashrut, such as certain species of animals, and foods that mix meat and dairy.

Can you mix chicken and mayonnaise as in chicken salad for kosher style menu?

Yes, as long as the mayonnaise is marked as "Kosher Parve", that is it does not have absolutely any milk products in it.

Are popsicles kosher?

Depends on the ingredients! For example, if it has gelatin, it is not kosher. There are brands of kosher popsicles, you would need to check the packaging for a valid hechsher.

What is a kosher menu with a mixture of vegetarian and meat dishes?

Kosher food refers to foods that are prepared and consumed following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law), it is not a style of cooking. That being said, it's possible to make kosher versions of dishes from pretty much every country, this would require a kosher kitchen and kosher ingredients. Without a kosher kitchen, it is impossible to make kosher food.

What are kosher cookies?

Kosher cookies are cookies that have been made with kosher ingredients. For example, no gelatin from animal sources (so marshmallows must be kosher, which are made with fish or seaweed-based gelatin.)

Is soup kosher?

It depends, was it made with kosher ingredients, and were they combined according to the dietary laws? For example a cabbage and vegetable soup, probably kosher, creamy beef soup, could never be kosher.

What is an example of kosher drinks?

Any drink that doesn't include ingredients that aren't kosher. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7-Up, etc are all kosher.

What is a traditional kosher menu?

Kosher refers to food that is prepared following Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), it's not a style of cooking. Traditional foods depends on what country individuals are from.

What is menu example?

Menu is the French word for "food list".

What donut places are kosher?

well, there are many stores you can also try the supermaerket perhaps they have kosher donuts. also many krispky kremes are kosher. A last resort is a kosher dunkin donuts for example in elizabeth, nj.

How is kosher food prepared?

Even if food is kosher it must be prepared with uncontaminated supplies to remain kosher. For example no mixing meat and milk. And without mixing fish and meat.

What does a Jewish menu look like?

There is no such thing as Jewish menu. Jews eat all kinds of foods, though many Jews will only eat kosher food. But even kosher food can include a huge variety of many different ethnicities, including Mexican and Chinese food.

What does a Jewish restaurant menu look like?

A kosher restaurant menu may be very similar to a non-kosher one, though it will not have both dairy and meat items appearing together. In addition, it won't feature non-kosher foods like shellfish, pork (or other pig-based products) or a number of other meats derived from non-kosher animals.There are kosher restaurants featuring Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and numerous other cuisines with the above limitations. Often, to avoid the meat+milk prohibition, soy products are used to replace one.Kosher

Why aren't cookies kosher?

There are kosher cookies. To be kosher, cookies (or any processed food) need a stamp from a rabbi stating that no non-kosher ingredients were used (like pig fat) and that the kitchen and utensils were kosher (for example if you used utensils for meat products, they would not be permitted for use with milk products).

How is eating kosher an example of folk food customs?

No. It's a religious custom.

What is an example of kosher salt?

Sodium chloride without additives and with large grains.

List of kosher foods?

There is no single list of kosher foods as creating such a list would be impossible. Kosher isn't a style of food, it is a title given to any food that is prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). For example, macaroni and cheese can be kosher if it is made in a kosher kitchen using kosher ingredients. The same is true for chow mein, which is Chinese in origin, but again, can be made with kosher ingredients.