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What is an example of an observation?

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lets say thare is a black, blue ,red, and brown cat that is big and has small feet. the details are the observation

the details are black, blue, red, brown, big, small feet.

you observed how they look.

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What is the definition of qualitive observation?

A qualitative observation is a observation not using numbers. For example, the rock is smooth is an qualitative observation. A quantitative observation os a observation thats uses numbers. For example, the rock weighs 2.3 pounds.

What is an example of observation?

An example of observation is...... When you are doing an experiment you are observing the materials that are being experimented.

What is the example of observation?

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Observing animal tracks is an example of what observation?

Indirect observation

The isopod has 2 antennae is an example of which type of observation?

"the isopod has 2 antenae" is an example of which kind of observation?

How can you use quantitative observation in a sentence?

A quantitive observation is an observation based on numbers. EXAMPLE- John made the QUANTITIVE observation the his shoe weighed 4 pounds.

What is qualitative observations?

A qualitative observation is- an observation of somethings characteristics... For example ~"That shirt is `pink`!"~

Methods of psychological research examples of uncontrolled or informal observation?

example of uncontrolled observation

What is different of quantitative observation to qualitative observation?

A qualitative observation merely indicates that the subject possesses a certain quality, for example "this water is salty". A quantitative observation takes a measurement of the quality, for example "this salty water has a concentration of 10% salt".

What is an example of a quantitative observation and a qualitative observation?

A quantitative observation involves looking at the numerical aspects and properties of a substance. For instance, there are are 3.0 grams of sodium chloride in this weighboat. A qualitative observation is any observation that involves the qualities outside of the numerical aspects. For example, the sodium chloride is white.

What is an example of obsevation?

ok heres two example of oservation; * my observation is that such clouds mean a storm. * the observation of blood pressure under stress.

Recording a bird song and describing it as acalming is an example of which type of observation?

Recording a birdsong and describing it as a"calming" is an example of which type of observation

Is bubbly an example of a qualitative or a quantitative observation?

Qualitative observations are those that cannot be measured mathematically or assigned a value. For example, "the sky is blue," is a qualitative observation, it has no mathematical value associated with it. Quantitative observations are those that have a mathematical value. For example, "this desk is 1 meter long" is a quantitative observation. Therefore, noting that something is bubbling is an example of a qualitative observation.

How is an infereence different from an observation?

An observation is something you can actually see, for example, bubbles during a reaction. However, an inference is the meaning you take from an observation, for example, you may infer that hydrogen was produced if you observed bubbles.

What is an observation that cannot be described or expressed in numbers?

A qualitative observation. For example, your gender, or the colour of your eyes.

What is a non example of observation?

a non-example is an astronomer looking a the ground

What is the difference between observation and interpretation?

Observation is what you see; interpretation is how you see it. Example, you see an object (observation) and you describe what it looks like to you (interpretation).

Importance of Observation?

There is great importance in observation. Observation allows you to connect patterns and recreate ideas that you need to know to complete experiments for example.

How do you use systematic observation in a sentence?

Systematic Observation was one suggestion given to the employer by the manager. This is an example using the word systematic observation.

People watching is an example of?

naturalistic observation. =)

Example of quantitative observation?

mango is sour.

What are the different types of observation?

An observation is something noticed directly by your senses. There are three different types of observations. A qualitative observation is an observation about essential attributes of an object. For example, color, shape, texture, etc would be examples. A quantitative observation is an observation that can be described or measured in concrete numerical quantity. For example, weight, temperature, height, length, and mass would be examples. two types of observation: participant & non-participant

What is guantitative observation?

You mean quantitative observation, which is observing a measureable value (quantity) of something, for example temperature, voltage, velocity etc. Another form of observation is qualitative observation, which means observing a property of something without measuring a value for it, for example the air might be clear or foggy.

An example of an indirect weather observation system is?


What is an example of a direct observation?

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