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Plank (AKA Bridge)

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2011-05-04 12:54:28
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Q: What is an example of resistance exercise?
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What is the similarities between aerobic exercise and resistance exercise?

Aerobic exercise is cardio exercise (where you get your heart rate up). Resistance exercise is weight training using resistance.

When you do resistance exercise you work against what resistance?


Which exercise is an example of training the tilting response reflexes?

Exercising with resistance bands trains the tilting response reflexes.

Where can good exercise bands be found?

There are many sporting goods stores that offer exercise resistance bands. Dicks sporting goods store is one example of a store that offers quality exercise bands.

What brand of exercise bicycle offers adjustable resistance?

There are many different exercise bicycles on the market that offer adjustable resistance. A few examples of these are the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike and the Soozier Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike.

When you do resistance exercise you work against the resistance or blank of an object?


Does exercise help you grow?

Exercise cannot help you grow taller. However, it can help you grow in other ways. For example, resistance or strength training can help you grow more muscular. .

Because steady resistance is offered by the water freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?

Water freestyle swimming is a good example of isotonic exercise. Other examples of isotonic movements include rock climbing, lifting weights, and cycling.

What type of exercise causes increase in muscle size?

resistance/isometric exercise

What do you work against when you do resistance exercise?


Does resistance exercise help respiratory system?


What cause a decrease in peripheral resistance?


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