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What is an example of theme?


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Some examples of themes are overcoming adversity, love, and friendship.

A theme is the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic, so a theme could be almost anything.

Answer 2: Also, experienced speakers and writers know the value of having a theme. For example, when preparing a speech or lecture, the theme helps to focus attention on a narrower field of information and to think more deeply about it. The result is that instead of superficially touching on many points, they develop material in a way that is more beneficial to their audience. When each of the main points is directly connected to the theme and helps to develop it, the audience is also helped to remember those points and to appreciate their significance. Take the idea that the them is the particular viewpoint from which you develop your subject. Repetition of key words from the theme is like the recurring melody of a musical composition. ( found in the Ministry School book on page 209 Jehovah's Witnesses official website)


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An example of theme is overcoming advirsty,love,friendship,prombles.

The theme of the prom was "Starry Night".

the theme of "The Jungle Book" was family

Example sentences for the noun theme: The key theme of "Moby Dick" is the danger of uncontrolled obsessions. People who were born decades after its end will recognize the "Bonanza" theme. Example sentence for the verb theme: We're going to theme the party as a trip to the Land of Oz.

The theme of his room was dinosaurs. You need a theme for a birthday party, how about dogs? She loved the show, but the theme song was annoying.

A topic is general and a theme is more specific. For example a topic could be BROOMS. A theme would be "Symbolic uses of brooms" Or A theme is a message about the topic. For example, the topic is "brooms." A theme would be "brooms are not as cool as mops."

The theme of a poem is the subject or topic of the poem. A poem can have more than one theme.

There are a great many things that could be an example of a theme. A birthday party could be themed cars for example. that is not a theme of a book, movie etc that is a theme of a party or event

We Went to the theme part last year in new York .

Subject is what you are focusing on Theme is what the subject has or is happening Example; the subject is birthday party The theme is hawii

wich of these passages is an example of the resurrection theme in A Tale Of Two Cities ?

the best example i have of a universal theme is love in a story. many stories all convey the theme of love.

If it is Keeping Orchids by Jackie Kay, fragility of memory would be an example of a theme for the story in the poem. Stories have many themes, but that is an example!

A theme school is Wynbrooke Theme School.Themes are things that you do.for example red ribbon week is a theme were you were red and have a pep rally. Another theme is blackout everyone wears black.

An example of a theme with a dual nature is a literary theme that possesses an abstract idea that is expressed through art. Themes may include ambition, loneliness, betrayal, perseverance, prejudice, happiness courage and truth.

Even after a death, life goes on.

A restaurant that is theme oriented. For example Long John Silvers is a seafood reataurant whos theme is the sea. SEAfood, BOATS, NETS, etc...

the theme in writing is what you think is important in the story, or what is the big idea of the passage. The theme is the most important thing in a passage.For example,friendship,reverance etc.

Any play having a gospel principle as its central theme. Christmas is a good example for it has the birth of Christ as its central theme. The film The Ten Commandments is another example.

The theme of a story is the thesis or a life lesson learned Example= hope, courage, bravery, loyalty .... ect.

Place is the geographical theme that takes into consideration the physical and human characteristics of a spot. Another example of a theme is region.

A theme that is common for a number of works. For example, any episode of the Twilight zone, or the Outer Limits had a number of short stories all of which had a supernatural theme to them. All the episode of Gunsmoke had a wild west theme to them.

for example: if you choose "My Theme" then the planet will be populated with your creations!

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