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An insured contractor is a contractor who carries a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

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Q: What is an insured contractor?
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Are concrete contractors insured?

It depends on the concrete contractor. Some of them will be insured while others will be uninsured.

Where can I find a list of insured siding contractors in Fort Worth?

Need an insured siding contractor in Ft. Woth? Go to and veiw contractor service reports and get a quote from the pros.

Does a subcontractor need workers compensation?

In Australia he does. He normally has to show the contractor evidence that he is insured otherwise the contractor is held responsible.

How do you find out if a Contractor has a Liability Insurance in FL?

Generally you just ask the contractor if he's insured, before hiring them.

Tender documents required a CAR policy. what is the full form of CAR?

It is contractor's all risk policy to be insured by contractor for the work.

Will your homeowners policy cover damage caused by an uninsured contractor?

No, homeowners insurance does not provide coverage nor warranty for our chosen contractors quality of workmanship. That's why we always want to verify that a contractor is insured before allowing them to start work on our home. The first sign of a reputable contractor is that they carry the appropriate coverage for the work or services they offer. Never hire a an un-insured contractor.

Can general insurance be backdated?

can a contractor have liability insurance backdated to show the company was insured

What to ask a paint contractor?

When you are getting a contractor to paint make sure to ask the following questions: Are You Insured? What Kind of Experience Do You Have? Who Will Be Working At My House? What is the Timeline for My Project?

What is the hourly rate for landscape contractors?

What is the average hourly rate for a landscape contractor-Licensed and insured

What is a isc cg 20 37 form?

The CG2037 Additional Insured form is a form that provides coverage to the additional insured named on it (which is usually a contractor) for the insured's work (ie:completed operations) completed for that additional insured after the project is done for liability of property damage or bodily injury.

What does Additional insured mean with regard to general liability?

You are the insured. Your landlord or partner or banker may be the additional insured. They have a financial interest in or liability at stake with whatever it is you are insuring. It does not cost you more to name an additional insured. Why didn't you aks your agent this question? Can the person I was working for withold money owed to me because I did not put him under additionaly insured? Not legally unless it was contractually noted. If you did not have a loss you can just add the additional insured now. In a contractor/subcontractor relationship the contractor may request the subcontractor to name him "additional insured". In the event that a liability issue arises and is caused by the work of the subcontracor, the subcontractor's insurance will not only cover any claims made against the sub, but will also provide claims made against the contractor in regards to the sub's negligence. Many insurance companies DO charge a flat fee or a percentage based fee to name an additional insured.

Do you need insurance to be a general contractor in Texas?

There is no legal requirement for a contractor to be insured as of yet. However, It would likely be very difficult to get any work or contracts if your not insured. Although the state does not require you be insured, your customers most likely will require it. Having General Liability Insurance though is the first sign that you are hiring a responsible and perhaps reputable Contractor. Most GC's and clients will require that you provide proof of financial responsibility or "insurance" before they will give you the job. You show up with a bid and no insurance, they might consider that you are not a serious contractor and you're wasting their time.

What is penalty for hiring unlicensed contractor in Maryland?

The penalty is YOU LOSE. They are not bonded or insured and your loss is just that. GOOD LUCK!

Can you act as your own general contractor and receive overhead and profit when filing an insurance claim?

If the insured elects to do the work themselves, profit is not usually included in the estimate. Insurance policies are not in place to profit the insured. They are to make the insured whole again. Overhead would be included.

What insurance obligations contractor have if subcontractor has no insurance and caused the loss?

The primary contractor is going to have to cover the loss since the uninsured sub was working for them. It is the General contractors responsibility to make sure his sub-contractors were properly insured.

What credentials should one look for in a concrete contractor?

One should look for concrete contractors that are licensed and insured. This will help prevent liability or satisfaction issues that may come between the individual and the contractor.

What does licensed and insured mean for a home siding repair or replacement contractor?

Means he is legal with the state and if he screws up you can sue him.

What is an insurance company's contractor of record?

There is no such thing. In the United States the insured has the right to hire whomever they want to effect the repairs.

What information should I consider when choosing a roofing contractor?

Always check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if the prospective contractor has any complaints against them. Make sure your contractor is licensed, insured, and will happily supply three references before you let him start the job.

What is contractor liability insurance?

Liability insurance is required for contractors in many states as a requisite to work. It protects both the contractor - the worker, and you - the employer, from any liability if the contractor is injured on the job (at your home.) Basically, if he is insured, you don't have to worry about being sued if he gets hurt on your property.

What does licensed and insured mean for a general contractor?

Being licensed basically states that the contractor has the knowledge expected to perform the services indicated on the license.Being insured means that while he's doing the job you hired him to do, if he backs his truck into the wall of your garage or sets fire to your home, he has insurance that can pay for damages or to have it fixed.

What can the insurance company do for you after the contractor takes the money and doesn't repair your house?

Not much. Your insurer provides funds for a covered loss. You choose your contractor that you want to do the work. It is the homeowners responsibility to hire a reputable (preferably insured) contractor to perform the repairs.

Do painting contractors have to be bonded or insured in case of damage to the property they are working on?

It's recommended that a painting contractor be bonded for anything costing over $500. Make sure that the contractor's bond limit will cover the cost of your repair before work begins.

What kind of insurance should tile floor contractors carry I'm not sure whether I trust my contractor will do a good job or not.?

Typically tile floor workers will be insured under your general contractor. Make sure that he can prove he has good insurance for all his workers.

Can a homeowner be held responsible for a unlicensed contractor?

a home owner can and will be held responsible for a unlicensed contractor even if it is not complete or done wrong it is on you due to fact you hired them all ways all ways get a contractor that is licensed insured and bonded and allso do some research on them and allways have a inspector involved on big projects just better safe then sorry

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