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What is an outdated computer worth?

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The question here is very vague. An outdated computer could be a computer that you could buy today... However I assume this question is targeted towards a computer that is a few years old in which case the value of the computer is based off of the hardware. Generally if you paid a few thousand dollars for the unit 5 years ago it may have some worth but not to much as you can buy a new computer for 200-300 dollars. But once again without the hardware makeup it is hard to say its actual worth.

As technology continues to advance at such a rapid rate. Most computers are generally outdated in a matter of 3 years. After 3 years, your computer is worth zero to most resellers or buyers. Your best option is to take it to electronics recycling place and recoup $5-$20 depending on how much you are recycling. Or try to sell any individual components or upgrades that may still hold some value.

2012-04-18 14:59:10
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When is a computer outdated?

As soon as you buy it.

Are manufacturers extended warranties worth their cost?

Typically not. Stick with the regular warranty that comes with your desktop, because frequently a computer will become outdated before the warranty runs out.

Name something you buy that becomes outdated very quickly?

Groceries, clothes, a computer, a car, and a cell phone all become outdated soon after purchasing them.

Will outdated drivers make computer lock up?

I don't think so. But if your PC device drivers are outdated, your PC will probably run slower than it used to. Meanwhile, to update the outdated drivers, you can use a driver detective software.

How do you dispose of an outdated computer?

take a hammer and smash it and poo on it joking search it on google

Upgrading an outdated computer system would be an example of what?

increasing the value of capital goods

Why isn't my computer playing youtube videos?

and ur flash player is porbably outdated

Is it possible for your computer to be to old to update your browser?

Not your computer, but your OS can be outdated. Win95 for example, can't run Internet Explorer 7.

Upgrading an outdated computer system would be an example of which of these?

increasing the value of capital goods fast

Whats the name of the computer that has became outdated?

I think it is called an obsolete system but there are multiple terms for it.

What is a complete set of 1966 encyclopedias worth?

Very little, most of the information there in may be outdated

How much is a Nintendo 64 game worth?

Nintendo 64 is an outdated video game system. Individual titles are worth close to nothing.

How long does outdated food good?

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Can you use old computer to play minecraft?

No air probably has outdated hardware to run it with a huge lag

How much is this computer worth?

What computer

Why do the videos that you watch on your new computer pause more than your old crappy computer?

I think its because of your Internet Speed.. There's not much difference in watching online videos on a new Computer and on an old Computer... So what causes a video to stream slowly or not stream at all on a computer? Answer: - Slow Internet Speed (less/zero download speed) - Slow Computer - No Flash Installed or Outdated Flash - The Web Browser Is Outdated - Virus

What is the Way to minimize the computer hacking?

Get a Firewall and an anti-virus. One firewall state-of-the-art, and the other outdated.

When did the XP computers invented?

XP is the abbreviation assigned to a computer operating system designed by Microsoft that is now outdated.

Why can't I log on to Minecraft?

it is probably because you have an outdated java(the newest being 7.2) installed on your computer/mac.

What is the average price of a Nintendo 64?

Nintendo 64 is an outdated video game system. Its worth close to nothing.

If i buy a computer today how soon will it become outdated?

A computer being outdated is more a matter of feeling then a matter of knowledge. Example: If you buy a computer because you want to play the fastest and the hottest games on earth and you need real computer and graphics power.. your computer will be outdated in half a year to a year at most. Because gaming and graphics is one of the most heavy software you can run on a PC. BUT if you need your computer to browse on the internet, do you financial things, play with photos (no heavy editing) and talk to your friends on MSN or other Instant Messagers you can last at least 3 - 5 years with your computer before it really isn't "usable" anymore. So the first question to you would be:"What are you planning to do with it.

Is you rock an outdated phrase?

No, "you rock" is not outdated.

What is the opposite of outdated?

Outdated means obsolete, unfashionable, antiquated, and out of date. Something that is outdated is not modern and sometimes is no longer useful. The opposite of outdated is up-to-date or current.

Why do minecraft mods work on one computer but not on another of equal specs?

Have you checked the version? (bottom left of minecraft application) It might not work because something may be required on the other computer. Or your computer is probably outdated.

What is the Antonym of outdated?

The antonym of outdated is in mode or stylish or modern.