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What is another name for the pound key on the keyboard?


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2018-01-27 18:25:08
2018-01-27 18:25:08

well that's simple. if you use a phone or your teacher sometimes uses it for it means number. #=number key.

that's easy #= number key. to make it short it means number.

# is also called an Octothorpe and is often mistakenly called a hashtag. A hashtag is the tag line AFTER the NumberKey/PoundKey/Octothorpe.


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The way to make a pound sign with a computer keyboard is: Press the shift key, then press the number 3 key.

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Depending on what keyboard layout you have and what you mean by pound sign it is probably on the 3 key when used with either the shift key or Alt key. £ (UK pound ) or # (US pound)

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Do you mean the keypad? I would call it a "10 key" or the "10 key" -pad.

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When you're at where you want to type the Pound key, hold Windows Key & Alt then type 156. When you release them, the pound appear, like this £

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You can see this figure on your keyboard above the 3. It is the " # ".

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