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What is another term for development and maintenance of webpages?

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Web Publishing is development and maintenance of web pages.

Basically, Building and developing a website requires time, thought, resources and above all costs you money, but developing the website is not the end of the story. Once your website is developed and published online (made live on the internet), the next thing you need to do is maintaining it, keeping the content fresh for your visitors and updating it with new or additional information. Keeping your site fresh encourages visitors to return and spend time on your website. In turn, this helps achieve your business goals. Poor maintenance is a sure way of losing visitors, possibly for ever!!!

Maintenance generally means making sure that your website files, scripts, program code, databases are always up and running. However, maintenance also includes making updates, adding new features, enhancements, bug fixing, changes to code or database to make the pages load faster and so on. In a way just as you would like to maintain your garden to keep it lively and attractive, websites need to be maintained continuously to keep them interesting and useful for people who browse them.

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