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your coordinates can not be correct, you can not have north and south coordinates.

34N and 105E is Anjia Gate Upper in China
34N and 105W is south west of Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

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Q: What is at 34 degrees north and 105 degrees south?
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What is the exact latitude and longitude of Boise Idaho?

it is 34 degrees north, and 56 degrees south

What is at 34 degrees north and 36 degrees east?

Tabriz is at 34 degrees north and 36 degrees east.

34 degrees latitude 125 degrees longitude in Europe?

Neither 34 degrees north or south latitude, nor 125 degrees east or west longitude, is in Europe. We are at a loss.

34 degrees south and 151 degrees east?

34 south 151 east

34 degrees north 132 degrees east?

34 N 132 E is the south end of the Japanese Island of Honshu.

What is 34 degrees south and 18 degrees 30' north?

No point on Earth can have both a north and a south coordinate. (Except points on the equator, where the latitude is zero, and it doesn't matter whether it's zero north or zero south or both.)

What city is 27 degrees south and 153 degrees east?

This point is on the east coast of Australia, about 34 miles north of Brisbane.

What is at 105 degrees west 34 degrees north?

These coordinates bring you to a place in NE Lincoln County, NM. This point is south of Ramon and can be more precisely located between Fifteenmile Arroyo and Padilla Creek, about 5 miles west of the Chaves County line.

Which city is located at 34 degrees north and 109 degrees east in china?

That point is about 19.4 miles south-southeast of the center of Xi'an.

What city is located at 47 degrees north and 19 degrees east?

That point is in central Hungary, about 34 miles south of the center of Budapest.

What is at 34 degrees north and 139 degrees east?


What is 34 degrees south and 58 degrees west?


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