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What is authoritarian code?

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What is a suggested sentence with the word authoritarian in it?

How is he an Authoritarian? He does not have the court order!

How many countries in the world do not have any kind of democratic government and what are they?

According to the Economist magazine: 117 Jordan 3.93 Authoritarian regimes 118 Mauritania 3.91 Authoritarian regimes 119 Egypt 3.89 Authoritarian regimes 120 Morocco 3.88 Authoritarian regimes 121 Rwanda 3.71 Authoritarian regimes 122 Burkina Faso 3.60 Authoritarian regimes 123 Comoros 3.58 Authoritarian regimes 124 Nigeria 3.53 Authoritarian regimes 125 Cuba 3.52 Authoritarian regimes 126 Cameroon 3.46 Authoritarian regimes 127 Kazakhstan 3.45 Authoritarian regimes 128 Niger 3.41 Authoritarian regimes 129 Kuwait 3.39 Authoritarian regimes 130 Bahrain 3.38 Authoritarian regimes 131 Angola 3.35 Authoritarian regimes 132 Belarus 3.34 Authoritarian regimes 133 Algeria 3.32 Authoritarian regimes 134 Côte d'Ivoire 3.27 Authoritarian regimes 135 Azerbaijan 3.19 Authoritarian regimes 136 China 3.04 Authoritarian regimes 137 Swaziland 3.04 Authoritarian regimes 138 Afghanistan 3.02 Authoritarian regimes 139 Gabon 3.00 Authoritarian regimes 140 Oman 2.98 Authoritarian regimes 141 Tunisia 2.96 Authoritarian regimes 142 Yemen 2.95 Authoritarian regimes 143 Congo 2.94 Authoritarian regimes 144 Qatar 2.92 Authoritarian regimes 145 Iran 2.83 Authoritarian regimes 146 Sudan 2.81 Authoritarian regimes 147 United Arab Emirates 2.60 Authoritarian regimes 148 Zimbabwe 2.53 Authoritarian regimes 149 Vietnam 2.53 Authoritarian regimes 150 Tajikistan 2.45 Authoritarian regimes 151 Togo 2.43 Authoritarian regimes 152 Djibouti 2.37 Authoritarian regimes 153 Eritrea 2.31 Authoritarian regimes 154 Republic of the Congo 2.28 Authoritarian regimes 155 Equatorial Guinea 2.19 Authoritarian regimes 156 Syria 2.18 Authoritarian regimes 157 Laos 2.10 Authoritarian regimes 158 Guinea 2.09 Authoritarian regimes 159 Libya 2.00 Authoritarian regimes 160 Guinea-Bissau 1.99 Authoritarian regimes 161 Saudi Arabia 1.90 Authoritarian regimes 162 Central African Republic 1.86 Authoritarian regimes 163 Myanmar 1.77 Authoritarian regimes 164 Uzbekistan 1.74 Authoritarian regimes 165 Turkmenistan 1.72 Authoritarian regimes 166 Chad 1.52 Authoritarian regimes 167 North Korea 0.86 Authoritarian regimes

Was the Han Dynasty democracy or authoritarian?


Was the Ming Dynasty a democracy or authoritarian?


Is totalitarianism an authoritarian or democratic system of government?


What is authoritarian democracy?

By most accounts, there is no such thing as an authoritarian democracy, since, by definition, democracies and authoritarian regimes are dichotomous.

What are some examples of authoritarian?

I don't Know whats a authoritarian

What type of dictators were Stalin and Hitler totalitarian authoritarian etc.?

Hitler - totalitarian, authoritarian, nationalist. Stalin - totalitarian, authoritarian.

Which diagram correctly arranges systems of government in order from least powerful to most powerful of constitutional authoritarian anarchy totalitarian?

It goes: Constitutional Authoritarian Totalitarian

Authoritarian in a sentence?

King George was an authoritarian a long time ago.

Meaning of authoritarian family?

the authoritarian family is"ano nga ba" ?

Is china a authoritarian governemnt?

Yes, it is an excellent example of an authoritarian government.

How do you spell authoritarian?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "authoritarian" (exerting absolute control).

Is a dictatorship an authoritarian form of government?

YES, TRUE. The two types of authoritarian governments are dictatorships and totalitarianism. So yes, it's an authoritarian government.

What would be a good sentence for authoritarian?

Authoritarian:noun:a person who advocates, practices, or enforces such obedience.Example sentences:My mom was an authoritarian.I also had an aunt who was authoritarian.The teacher at my school is an authoritarian.adjective:a. expecting strict obedience to one's authority.b. demanding obedience.c. based on the principle that the leaders and not the people have the final authority.Example sentences:1a. Growing up, I had authoritarian parents.2b. Their authoritarian values lead us to be respectable individuals, especially to our elders.3c. Some governments have become too authoritarian.

Another word for authoritarian?

Authoritarian is often used more or less in the sense of Fascist.

How do you use authoritarian in a sentence?

Nazi ideology had a strong appeal for people with authoritarian personalities.

Which of the followig most closely means the same as authoritarian?

Stern is a close synonym for authoritarian.

What is an authoritarian?

An authoritarian is a person who demands obedience to his or her authority, or, rarely, a person who is excessively obedient to authority.

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of what?

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of single-party rule.

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of?

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of single-party rule.

Difference between Singapore and North Korea?

Singapore is Authoritarian-capitalism Korea is authoritarian- socialism

Was the roman republic authoritarian or democratic?

The Roman Republic was neither authoritarian nor democratic. It was oligarchic.

What did the authoritarian rule convince the Indians?

The Native Americans didn't live under authoritarian rule.

What is a description of fear of authoritarian rule?

Lake of confidence is the cause of fear. Sceptic on taking decision as an authoritarian rule. Poor family background can also create fear as an authoritarian rule.

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