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What is auto-traffic?


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February 11, 2013 6:03AM

Traffic exchanges are an easy and affordable way to put eyeballs on your websites. You already know you can get great results from manual traffic exchanges like Soaring4Traffic and ProClickExchange. People sometimes ask me about "autosurfs" or auto traffic exchanges. I own manual exchanges, so I'm biased, I'll say that straight out, but here is my take on auto traffic exchanges.

Most people want to use autosurfs because less work is required to use them. Sites are rotated automatically on a fixed timer for your viewing pleasure. You don't have to click surf icons to view the next site and earn credit; your account is credited automatically with each new site. In fact, you don't even have to sit and watch the sites go by either. That's the big draw of autosurfs. You turn them on and forget them. Now, that can save the traffic exchange user some serious time. Turn on a few autosurfs, then concentrate on writing email copy, working on a new splash page or making a few phone calls. Advertise, earn advertising credits, and work all at the same time! Autosurfs are fantastic for multitasking. Or are they?

The main draw of using an autosurf is the automation of the site rotation. Why is automation attractive? It frees you up to do other things. If you are doing other things, you aren't viewing the sites. So you don't see the sites, big deal. You still earn credits, and that's what you need, so you can keep your site in rotation, right? What is the main goal of using a traffic exchange? Earning credits is important, but credits are useless if your sites rotate on computer screens that nobody is watching. You want to show your site to people who need your products and services, to people who will opt-in to your email list. If you aren't watching the sites rotate, who do you think would?

But hey, like I said, I'm biased, so put it to the test yourself. Track your results in the autosurfs. Compare the results to what you get in manual traffic exchanges. Heck, compare them to your results everywhere else you advertise. You should know what kind of return you get from your various promotional efforts.

Another great way for natural traffic is backlinking. Getting higher ranked in the search engines is great for increasing traffic. This is basically having your site added to other high pagerank websites to be crawled by search engines. The object is building links month to month, creating a higher chance you be found all over the web. Autosurfing is time consuming and your site is only seen by other people wanting you to see their website. Most with no interest in anyone elses promotions. HigherMyPageRank.som is my favorite backlink spot around. I highly suggest it!

Internal Linking is also one option to that. Reciprocal linking is now penalized by Google Penguin update. Getting links from pages High on there domain authority and also from the businesses in the same verticals as they are the preferred ones in terms of PR of ones home page.