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What is bandwidth?

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Bandwidth has several related meanings:

* Bandwidth (computing) or digital bandwidth: a rate of data transfer, throughput or bit rate, measured in bits per second

* Bandwidth (signal processing) or analog bandwidth, frequency bandwidth or radio bandwidth: a measure of the width of a range of frequencies, measured in hertz

* Spectral linewidth: the width of an atomic or molecular spectral line, measured in hertz

Bandwidth can also refer to:

* Bandwidth (linear algebra), the width of the band of nonzero terms around the diagonal of a matrix

* In kernel density estimation, "bandwidth" describes the width of the convolution kernel used

* A normative expected range of linguistic behavior in language expectancy theory

* In business jargon, the resources needed to complete a task or project

* Bandwidth (radio program): A Canadian radio program

In bandwidth is defined a frequency span - the difference between a high frequency and a lower frequency.

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Related Questions

What is LAN bandwidth?

LAN Bandwidth is the bandwidth (Maximum speed) of the Local Area Network

What is relationship between signal bandwidth and signal spectrum bandwidth?

Signal Bandwidth is the Bandwidth of particular frequency at which signal is transmitted and Bandwidth of spectrum which can able two show number of signal between Intrest of frequency.

What is Relationship between electrical and optical bandwidth for an optical fiber communication?

optical bandwidth = 0.707 electrical bandwidth

Is low bandwidth signal has more power than high bandwidth signal?

no,because generally the lower frequency side existed for lower bandwidth,and higher frequency side existed higher bandwidth,so thus we can say that lower bandwidth has generally has lower power as compared to higher bandwidth.

What is transmission bandwidth in data communication?

Bandwidth is something like a space; bandwidth is proportional to the signal rate. if the signal rate is low then the bandwidth is high and vice versa. bandwidth carry the amount of information in a specific time period.For example if 1 person travel in 1 car then bandwidth will increase or if 4 person travels in 1 car then bandwidth will decrease. :)

Can you use all of your bandwidth?

If you don't have unlimited bandwidth then yes!

How much bandwidth is an OC3?

OC3 bandwidth is 155.52 Mbps

Does a low bandwidth signal have more power than a high bandwidth signal?

A low bandwidth signal does not have more power.

What is a sentence for bandwidth?

The lawyer did not have the bandwidth to handle another case. The bandwidth was more than adequate to transmit the data quickly.

What is the difference between regular and dedicated bandwidth?

Regular bandwidth means you are sharing bandwidth with other people on the network so the more people on the network the slower one's connection will be. Dedicated bandwidth guarantees one a certain amount of bandwidth that is not shared.

What is absolute bandwidth?

Absolute bandwidth is the relative bandwidth of the signal (B) times the center frequency (f0). For example , by increasing the center frequency, the relative bandwidth is unchanged, but the absolute bandwidth is increased due to increasing the center frequency. I hope it is helpful :-)

What is relation between roll off factor bandwidth and bit rate?

The roll-off factor of a digital filter defines how much more bandwidth the filter occupies than that of an ideal "brick-wall" filter, whose bandwidth is the theoretical minimum Nyquist bandwidth. The Nyquist bandwidth is simply the symbol rate expressed in Hz: Nyquist Bandwidth (Hz) = Symbol Rate (Sym/s) However, a real-world filter will require more bandwidth, and the excess over the Nyquist bandwidth is expressed by the roll-off factor. Suppose a filter has a Nyquist bandwidth of 100 MHz but actually occupies 120 MHz; in this case its roll-off factor is 0.2, i.e. the excess bandwidth is 0.2 times the Nyquist bandwidth and the total filter pass-bandwidth is 1.2 times the Nyquist bandwidth.

What is the difference between high bandwidth and low bandwidth?

The biggest difference between high and low bandwidth is latency. The lower the bandwidth the more time the computer spends trying to download the data.

Is there any relation between transmission media and bandwidth?

There is a relation between transmission media and bandwidth. The transmission media cannot exceed the amount of bandwidth available. The transmission of media is limited to the bandwidth.

What is meant by the term bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the range of frequencies occupied by the signal.

What is effect on bandwidth due to positive feedback amplifier?

bandwidth decreases

What is a sentence using bandwidth?

Wild Blue has a stingy bandwidth policy.

What happen if the bandwidth of signal greater than channel bandwidth?


What is the effect of bandwidth on a digital signals?

Effect of bandwidth on digital signal:

Does dish network internet have bandwidth quotas?

Dish network internet does not have bandwidth quotas. You can limit the bandwidth on your own computer if you would like to. Dish network will always try to maximize the bandwidth to customers.

What is a bandwidth monitor?

Bandwidth monitor (such as WFilter, Websense) monitors bandwidth usage of whole LAN. The software displays real-time download and upload speeds in graphical and numerical forms, logs bandwidth usages, and provides daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage reports.

The relationship of the bandwidth required for double-sideband emitted carrier AM to the bandwidth of the modulating signal of?

you need twice the bandwidth of the modulating signal.

Why is a high bandwidth link better than a low bandwidth link?

high bandwidth link has high quality content and it is large in size

What is the difference between transmission bandwidth and channel bandwidth?

The transmission bandwidth refers to the range of frequencies that are being transmitted from one point to another. The channel bandwidth on the other hand refers to the frequencies of a given channel.

What are the current recognized categories of UTP cabling and the maximum frequency and maximum bandwidth?

cat 3, freq and bandwidth 16MHz cat 5, freq and bandwidth 100MHz cat 6, freq and bandwidth 200MHz