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What is better xbox 360 or PS3?

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2012-02-01 18:05:18

I think ps3 is so much better than xbox 360 cuz u dont get a bad 4g harddrive instead u get a 160g harddive. I suggest that if u like to play online and u want a good online service xbox would be the one. But the good online is the only reason people get xbox. If u dont want to pay for online then u should get ps3. Its online is ok, but its not as good as xbox. Also ps3 is better cuz the controller isnt so big like the xbox controller. Xbox controllers are really big and if your looking for something to be able to grip and hold in your hands while u play a game ps3 has the controller for that.
If i didnt convince u enough to get ps3 i will give u one more reason. Ps3 has better exclusive games such as, uncharted 3,littlebigplanet 2,mlb the show, resistance and more. I hope u get a ps3 its the console for u

PS3 also has portables like the PSP and PS Vita that work with the PS3 and can store stuff on the PS3 harddrive. Xbox does not have a portable system and there online does not have all the new state of the art servers Playstation just purchase last summer. So how can it be that much better online and must be more of the old news like lower priced and more games. Playstation Plus gives you free games and downloads and costs the same as Xbox live. Does Xbox live give free games or discounts. PS3 also has Playstation Home and both systems were designed to be online and you lose by not having an internet connection.

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