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its texture is shiny and smooth

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Cobras skin is?

What is Cobras skin like

What cullor is spitting cobras skin?

A spiting cobras skin is normaly brown.

What adaptations help protect Black racer snake?

texture of skin helps it move on the texture of ground

Where do black cobras live?

black cobras live in Afica

Where do cobras and black mamba come from?

Black Mambas are native to Africa and Cobras are native to South Asia.

What is the meaning of skin texture?

The texture of your skin is how your skin feels. For example if you had rough skin and somebody wanted to know what the texture of your skin was ( for any reason ) then you would say rough because that is the way it feels. Hope this helped :)

Does a king cobra have scales or smooth wet skin?

Cobras are snakes, which are reptiles. All reptiles have scales, so, king cobras have dry, scaly skin.

What is the skin texture of a dolphin?

The texture of a dolphins skin is smooth and rubbery like a swim suit.

How do king cobras camouflage?

they camouflage by the colors of their skin

How does the texture of a T-Rex's skin feel?

the Tyrannasourousrexes texture feels like snake skin.

Does a king cobra symbolize a gang sign?

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

What colors are king cobras?

they can be black;black and yellow,red

What is the texture of a starfish?

The texture of starfish skin depends on the species. Many have bumpy, spiny or prickly skin, while others have smooth skin.

What color are cobras?

The color is black%^^&&^!Huh?

Why do humans kill king cobras?

people usually kill king cobras because they are afraid of them, but sometimes just to show off, or for there skin.

Why doesnt your minecraft skin work on certain texture packs?

Because the image for the skin is located in the texture pack it self and it automatically uses that instead the skin you set up.

Texture of a walking stick?

they have a smooth texture, almost of wrinkled skin or smooth bark

What is the color and texture of selenium?

Gray, red, and black and the texture is soft

Why black spitting cobras spit?

To defend themselves from attackers

Anything about cobras?

they are snakes.they are black with some yellowish stripes.

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