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What is Cobras skin like

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A spiting cobras skin is normaly brown.

Cobras are snakes, which are reptiles. All reptiles have scales, so, king cobras have dry, scaly skin.

they camouflage by the colors of their skin

its texture is shiny and smooth

people usually kill king cobras because they are afraid of them, but sometimes just to show off, or for there skin.

Snakes, including cobras, molt as they grow, so yes they do.

Cobras have no external ears, but they feel vibrations through their skin, up to their jaw muscle

first the snake rubs its face on a rock then the old cuts open after the snake keeps rubbing until the skin comes off

No, Cobras Are Reptiles.

Normal cobras feed on rats, mice and other rodents. King cobras feed on snakes including cobras.

I'm not sure about the possum but the mongoose actually eats spitting cobras and other types of snake. The reason why the cobras venom doesn't affect the mongoose is because it has long and thick fur so that the venom stays on top of the skin and doesn't seep into the blood stream.

Cobras are native in Africa.

No. There are no Cobras in Australia.

Yes, cobras have scales.

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

It is warm year around in most places where cobras live. Beacuse of this cobras do not hibernate.

No. King cobras are not endangered.

cobras are a type of snake in the family elapidea.

Cobras do not walk, instead they slither.

No, the cobra's hood is actually sort of like a flap of skin and when it is threatened it raises that to scare the predator away.

Cobras hunt by stalking their prey. Then these cobras will strike their prey and let them die before consuming them.

No king cobras are green and yellow

black cobras live in Afica

king cobras smell with their tongue.

Of course, otherwise where do "baby" cobras come from?

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