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What is black lignite?

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black lignite or subbituminous coal is a type of coal whose properties range from those of lignite to those of butiminous coal and are used primarily as fuel for steam- electric power generation.

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What is formed when pressure squeezes moisture out of peat?

Lignite. Basically, a brownish-black coal.

What is the formula for lignite?

Lignite is a mixture. It is a soft coal.

What does lignite mean?

lignite is another word for coal

What kind of rock is lignite?

Lignite is a Igneous Rock

What is lignite and carbon?

Lignite is like coal and carbon is an element

Is lignite a metal or nonmetal?

Lignite is a non-metallic substance.

Is lignite a igneous rock?

Lignite is a kind of coal (brown coal).

A sentence for lignite?

Lignite is a soft coal, essentially. An example sentence would be: He was trying to find crystals, but he kept finding more lignite.

What is harder lignite or anthracite coal?

Anthracite coal is harder than Lignite.

What is Neyveli Lignite Corporation's population?

Neyveli Lignite Corporation's population is 18,434.

When was Neyveli Lignite Corporation created?

Neyveli Lignite Corporation was created in 1956.

What is the population of Neyveli Lignite Corporation?

Neyveli Lignite Corporation's population is 2,011.

How long will lignite last?

Since lignite is mostly used in Germany and it is a plentiful supply. It may not ever go out. Did you know lignite is brown coal?

Color variations in Jet what is jetstone?

Jet is a gem quality variety of lignite coal and would be brownish to black.

What is the difference between jet and black onyx?

Jet is a form of coal (lignite); onyx is a variety of silicon dioxide.

How do you use the word lignite in a sentence?

Romania is rich in natural resources, such as gold, silver, and lignite.

What is the nature of neyveli lignite corporation company?

it is a public sector company it produce lignite and electicity

When was National Company of Lignite Oltenia created?

National Company of Lignite Oltenia was created in 1997.

What is National Company of Lignite Oltenia's population?

The population of National Company of Lignite Oltenia is 8,765.

How many years ago was lignite formed?

It is believed that lignite was formed about 300 million years ago. It is thought that this old lignite is what produced a lot of the coal that is used in modern times.

What is lignite used for?

Lignite, also known as brown coal, is burned as a fuel, mostly in electric generating plants.

What are four fossil fuels?

it is peat,lignite,bitumirous coal,athracite. it is peat,lignite,bitumirous coal,athracite.

Is Lignite is easy to mine but causes heavy air pollution?

TrueHIGHLY POLLUTING lignite, which is a type of coal

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